Analysts are predicting a breakout of Altcoin after BTC’s rally to $31K

Bitcoin declares its dominance with a recovery to $31K as the market continues to recover the losses from last year’s catastrophes. If the market continues to be strong in the coming days, promising altcoins will yield large returns for investors who have seized the opportunity for the herd.

The road ahead looks good

Bitcoin is making headlines again. While the world’s largest digital asset is up just 2.14% on the weekly chart to once again hit the $31K mark, the ripples of excitement are everywhere.

For example, Ethereum gained 4.37% over the same period to reach $1955. Cardano is up 5.3% and is heading for $0.3 at the time of writing. Solana outperformed them all with a 15% gain on the weekly chart.

Litecoin, on the other hand, deserves a special mention. It ruled social sentiment last week, breaking past strong resistance at $100. But this season’s most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin Cash, which surprised the market with a 143% increase in a month.

According to Rachel Lin, CEO and co-founder of SynFutures, “Enthusiasm for bitcoin is growing, propelled by efforts to revitalize mock bitcoin ETF applications. Its dominant presence in the crypto market is becoming increasingly evident, making up nearly half of the industry’s $1.2 trillion market cap, the most dominant in more than two years.

As the SEC woes ease and Bitcoin ETF filings gain momentum, analysts are predicting a strong breakout of altcoins on the horizon. It seems that Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin were just a hint of the ongoing bull cycle. Soon more assets will follow in their footsteps.

Below are two of our best predictions.

Top 2 Altcoins On The Verge Of A Breakout

As you will notice, we have not listed any high-cap cryptocurrencies. Instead, we went for two emerging cryptocurrencies.

The statistical advantage of high-cap cryptocurrencies is low because they are largely saturated. New cryptocurrencies, supported by market-relevant use cases, on the other hand, will take advantage of the upcoming rally to strengthen their position. More importantly, they have a larger room to grow.

To give you more clarity, the best high-cap cryptocurrencies can do on the top-50 chart is 100-150%, as seen in the case of BCH. Although the coin received massive market attention, its returns are not comparable to those of a low-cap asset. In particular, a promising cryptocurrency waiting for the token launch can earn anywhere from 500% to 1000% returns even in the most turbulent market conditions. And in the event of a bigger bull run in the market, it could be as high as 10,000%.

So, here are two cryptocurrencies that can make the most of the upcoming rally.

1. yPredict – Utility Altcoin to access curated price prediction models

Over the past two to three years, the crypto market has become increasingly unpredictable. A closer look at the problem reveals that the overwhelming influx of crypto trading bots and algorithms is to blame. Interestingly, most of these solutions marketed to improve investor profitability are manipulated to favor certain assets. Even without it, their saturation has eroded the market’s statistical lead.

We need more advanced products to navigate the market with more certainty and confidence. AI is an excellent tool for this mission, but random bots and algorithms just don’t work anymore. We need to bring back the human dimension.

And that is exactly what has made yPredict popular with investors and traders. It features curated crypto price predictive models developed by the world’s top AI experts, quants, and analysts for monthly subscriptions. Rather than driving a hidden agenda, it empowers users to make independent decisions and navigate the market with deep insights.

The presale of YPRED tokens is now live, opening early access to the project and allowing the community to be a part of its growth. Being a highly anticipated utility token with a low initial market cap, YPRED is now a solid investment with the potential to rise anywhere from 15X to 20X at launch. Token holders also have free access to the basic tools and functionalities on the platform.

Buy YPRED Tokens

2. Chimpzee – a top contender in the emerging green crypto market

Chimpzee is a conservation project, but with a twist. The project is driving conservation initiatives around the world by leveraging the decentralized, transparent nature of blockchain technology. It brings more action and responsibility to the mission.

At the heart of the project’s action plan is crypto stimulation. Since we humans tend to ignore threats we consider distant (one of which is the climate crisis), we need more than just awareness to act. This is where crypto boosting comes into play. Chimpzee encourages a wide variety of demographics to join its mission through its shop2earn, trade2earn, and play2earn platforms.

The CHMPZ pre-sale is now live, allowing early investment access to the green crypto sector, which is back in the spotlight. They have more opportunities for widespread adoption offset by brand and celebrity engagement compared to other altcoins. As a result, CHMPZ’s potential ROI is in four figures.

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