Anonymous investor who made $1.5 million from early PEPE investments sells to invest in this new GameFi token

Investing in cryptocurrency can be the best decision of your life, especially if you start early with a coin that works wonders. Usually, early investors get the most out of each project because they get the highest ROI for their investments. For example, early investors in PEPE got more than 50x their investments almost overnight because they got into it pretty early.

But it seems these investors are dropping PEPE and moving on to better projects, especially after the price plummeted over the past week. A top investor known as Tony says he doesn’t want to hold “a falling knife.” Instead, he’s going for a new GameFi token called Pikamoon.

How did Tony make a fortune with PEPE?

Tony is a seasoned crypto investor who especially likes to land new memecoins. He started with Floki and Shiba Inu before moving on to other Dogecoin derivatives that didn’t last too long. Nevertheless, he has successfully achieved colossal ROIs from numerous memecoin projects, the most recent of which is PEPE.

On how he made his PEPE fortune, Tony says, “I came across a tweet about it and then decided to read up on it. Then I put a few bucks in and the rest is history.” When he made this investment, not many people knew the coin existed, but when it exploded, Tony and some other whales were all the memecoin community talked about on Twitter.

But now this memecoin whale is ready to sell ALL his $PEPE bags for Pikamoon. “There is no point in holding $PEPE anymore. I feel it’s time to,” he remarked. According to data from Lookonchain, it looks like Tony isn’t the only whale selling his bags. Two whales recently sold $PEPE for a combined loss of $177,000. While PEPE would continue to be a phenomenal memecoin (it pulled in a $500,000 market cap in about 6 weeks), investors are moving to something more promising: Pikamoon.

What is Pikamoon?

Pikamoon is a revolutionary gaming project with state-of-the-art graphics and an easy-to-use earning model that allows players to play, live and earn in the metaverse. With some of the best graphics around, Pikamoon is sure to keep any player hooked from start to finish.

Here are some notable features of the next level game:

  • Offline and Online Game Modes:

By having both offline and online game modes, the Pikamoon game caters to two types of players: those who enjoy combat-centric gaming (online) and those who prefer a more leisurely, exploratory experience. Offline mode would be better suited for kids as it doesn’t contain anything explicit. The good thing is that players can earn rewards with both modes and switch between them seamlessly.

The Pikamoon game stands firmly on two blockchains: Ethereum and MultiversX. This dual-blockchain feature ensures that the game is fully scalable and can expand a lot without any technical issues. The game can also accommodate a large number of players without any problems, which could make it a worldwide phenomenon.

Investors can rest easy knowing that the Pikamoon team is completely doxxed and not anonymous. While many memecoin projects have anonymous founders, Pikamoon wants to be as transparent as possible by disclosing the social profiles of each team member. This goes to show how committed the team is to this project.

The presale of Pikamoon is on:

Start with Pikamoon to make a fortune with memecoins like Tony! This new game token is in the final stage of presale and is selling out fast.

Top crypto investors are rushing to collect as many tokens as possible while prices are still low. By the time Pikamoon explodes, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank, which is expected to do up to 15,000% in the coming months. Come on, don’t miss this.

More information about Pikamoon (PIKA):

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