Blockchain Nodes by GetBlock: The Rising Demand for Custom RPCs

Launched in 2019, GetBlock is a blockchain node infrastructure provider for the development of decentralized applications (dApps). Private RPC nodes are among the most important services for the Web3 segment.

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“This quarter has seen a significant increase in custom development requests. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Web3 projects to get what is specifically needed for their business at an affordable price. Therefore, GetBlock strives to meet the needs of their users,” says Arseniy Voitenko, the CEO of GetBlock.

GetBlock has made flexibility and on-demand configurations a top priority. The platform provides their clients with endpoints (URLs) to connect software to blockchain nodes. Users need to create an account, top up the balance and start sending requests to the blockchains. In addition, users can contact the team and set up solutions tailored to their specific needs.

GetBlock customers can leverage more than 50 networks in testnets and mainnets. The service works with both programmable (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon) and non-programmable (Bitcoin, Litecoin) blockchains.

According to GetBlock, they were the first to add powerful L2 solutions for Ethereum, including Optimism, Arbitrum, and most recently, the ZK-powered network Starknet. EVM-equivalent zkEVM solutions from Polygon and zkSync will also be added to the toolkit in the coming months.

The service provides dApps with various API interfaces: REST API, JSON, WebSockets (WS), and so on. New users can experiment with the possibilities that GetBlock unlocks by working with a free plan of 40,000 requests per 24 hours. Paid request pack prices start from $29, while an unlimited pack (with no request limits) starts from $499.

Privacy is one of Web3’s principles, and to prioritize user privacy, GetBlock introduced an option in Q4 2022 that allows teams to authorize their accounts using crypto wallets, eliminating the need to provide personal data or credit card information.

Private RPC Endpoints by GetBlock: What Makes Them Important to dApps?

In 2023, decentralized applications can be connected to the blockchain nodes in several ways. First, the team can manage its own node infrastructure: lease servers, install and set up software, synchronize with colleagues, and so on. It takes a lot of time and effort to launch the node ecosystem, but maintaining it is even more challenging. It requires a skilled team of DevOps experts, 24/7 monitoring, and so on.

Then users can connect their dApps to public RPC endpoints: blockchain teams roll them out to attract new customers and grow dApp ecosystems. However, these endpoints operate at a limited speed and have too little bandwidth for commercial applications. Customers must use them “as is”, with no scaling or upgrade options.

By hosting private RPC nodes, GetBlock provides an effective solution for running regular dApps with heavy workloads. In addition, GetBlock gives customers complete control over their node infrastructure and provides real-time insights through customizable dashboards and an advanced alerting system, enhancing node management capabilities.

To overcome the specific challenges of each individual dApp, GetBlock users have the option to request node configurations tailored to their needs. Moreover, the customer support team will help the crypto developers to connect to exotic blockchains, rare types of nodes (e.g. archive mode for XRP Ledger blockchain), and so on.

As such, GetBlock is a powerful modern solution for any dApp. It is said to guarantee 99%+ uptime and competitive pricing for all types of connections to blockchain nodes.

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Basically, GetBlock connects customers with shared and dedicated nodes. With shared nodes, customers share compute resources with others, while dedicated nodes allow users to deploy dApps to their isolated nodes. Shared nodes can be recommended for testing the prototypes or early stage dApps, while dedicated nodes are the preferred solutions for scaling and handling more traffic.

Web3 App Development: Customization Matters

When it comes to building decentralized applications, customization becomes even more important due to the diverse and evolving nature of blockchain ecosystems.

GetBlock distinguishes itself as a very flexible and customer-oriented infrastructure provider for dApps. The company prioritizes customizing services to meet the unique needs of its customers, not only for enterprises, but also for individual developers using dedicated nodes.

By providing private RPC nodes, GetBlock offers an attractive solution for running regular high-traffic dApps. Users have the option to set up their RPC nodes effortlessly by selecting the network name, type and API interface that suit their specific requirements.

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