BlockchainUNN hosts the largest campus Blockchain conference in Africa

Research has shown the dynamic use cases of blockchain technology, a decentralized future is possible, but there is a huge need to prepare for it. BlockchainUNN hosted the BlockchainUNN Conference 2.0 theme, “Blockchain and beyond; the future of Blockchain technology”. to introduce people to Blockchain Technology and prepare them for the opportunities that will be created by Blockchain Technology in the future,

The BlockchainUNN Conference was held at Ekpo Ref Hall, University of Nigeria from June 23 to 24, 2023. It was a dynamic and inspiring gathering of blockchain enthusiasts, industry leaders and visionaries.

With over 2,000 attendees from all over Nigeria, including industry experts, thought leaders and passionate individuals eager to explore the endless possibilities of blockchain technology, the conference served as the precursor to the Blockchain revolution.

Blockchain UNN 2.0

The conference featured a wide variety of workshops and teaching sessions, each providing valuable insights into the capabilities and skills required in the Blockchain ecosystem.

From Decentralized Finance (DEFI), Crypto trading, the transition to Web 3 from Web 2, technical writing, Blockchain content writing, Blockchain development, smart contracts and software development, these workshops provided valuable insights into the practical applications of blockchain.

The workshops are designed to inspire creativity, foster interactive learning, and equip participants with the tools and knowledge needed to shape the future of blockchain.

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Panel sessions were also held on both days, serving as a forum for lively discussion on the challenges and opportunities surrounding blockchain technology. Renowned industry leaders shared their expertise and visionary perspectives on career transition in the Blockchain industry.

The open exchange of ideas during these sessions provided inspiration and encouraged those present to think beyond existing boundaries and take steps to contribute to the ecosystem.

In no particular order were the speakers and instructors for the event;

Ugochukwu Aronu, founder of Wicrypt||Xend Finance; Chris Ani, founder and CEO of DABA; Ayodeji Awosika, Founder, Web3Bridge; Investor Nnkay, founder of The Palm Academy; Clement Hugbo, Founder, Web3D Media and DesignersDAO; Obiajulu Onyema, founder of Superday; David Hebert; Joshua Mba, Founder Serzio||Stakecut.

Others are Joshua Nkwankwo (Judicodes), Lead, Buildspace Africa; Chidiebere Ekennia, CTO, BlockchainHub Africa; Abraham Owunaka (Astonish), MDX co-founder; John Olamide; Ohalewe Richmond; Nnam Darlington, Raymond Chuma-Onwuoku, Amarachukwu Awaeze, Ogbonna Chukwuebuka Shadrach, and Apollos Kingsley Chinaemerem.

A heartfelt appreciation and shoutout to our sponsors – the chart, Ethereum Remix and Bunzz, partners, volunteers and the BlockchainUNN team, who played an invaluable role in making the Blockchain UNN conference a resounding success. Their collaboration and a shared vision for the future of blockchain have helped drive Blockchain adoption.

BlockchainUNN’s 2 Year Anniversary was equally celebrated at the event, with a video replay of It’s 2 amazing years of impact and value

Here is a video documentary that recaps BlockchainUNN’s 2 amazing years of impact and value.

YouTube player

Giveaways ranging from laptops, purses and merchandise worth over N1,000,000 were also given out during the event.

In fact, 5 brand new laptops were given to lucky attendees to help them scale up in their tech journey, and 4 scholarships for 1 year of study were also given to students. This reiterates BlockchainUNN’s commitment to the growth of its members.

To further increase the momentum gained by the event attendees, BlockchainUNN has planned many post-conference activities with no content and developer boot camps, aimed at training those interested in contributing to the ecosystem with their skills.

Register here for the Content Boot Camp and here for the Developer Boot Camp

Together we can forge a future that embraces decentralization, transparency and trust, making the world a better place through blockchain innovation.

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