CESS Demonstrates the Future of Decentralized Cloud-Based Encrypted Storage at Polkadot Decoded 2023


Published July 3, 2023

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS), a revolutionary 3rd generation decentralized cloud-based data storage protocol built exclusively for Web3, presented at the prestigious Polkadot Decoded 2023 conference in Copenhagen. CESS’ Marketing Manager John Humphreys gave a talk in the Showcase Station area about CESS as the first full-stack decentralized storage solution for large-scale enterprise needs, as well as a review and demo of CESS’s proprietary Decentralized Object Storage Service (DeOSS).

Over the past year, Polkadot has rapidly evolved from an advanced and secure tech stack to the largest multichain ecosystem for Web3. Polkadot Decoded, as the flagship event for millions of members of the Polkadot community around the world, is a major gathering of industry celebrities, projects, investors, partners and thought leaders.

CESS is the first blockchain network to support large-scale commercial storage. Built as a highly scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient cloud-based solution for the secure, encrypted, and accessible storage of hot, warm, and cold data, CESS is revolutionizing enterprise adoption of decentralized, blockchain-based commercial storage solutions. The platform’s proprietary Decentralized Object Storage Service (DeOSS) service was completed last year, making it the first-ever decentralized storage network to launch decentralized object storage services, and the platform continues to expand its offerings and capabilities based on the project roadmap.

John Humphreys, Marketing Manager at CESSspoke about CESS at the conference and said: “Polkadot Decoded 2023 has been a great way for CESS to reach developers, projects, visionaries and ecosystem partners. CESS is an optimized solution for storing and retrieving dynamic and high-frequency Web3 data. Our platform offers the first full-stack solution for all data needs. We also provide effective ramps, industry-specific offerings, and other powerful capabilities through DeOSS that support the growth and expansion of next-generation Web3 applications. Polkadot Decoded is a valuable opportunity to showcase our technology and solutions to leaders of the web3 movement and the web3 community.”

This year’s conference featured in-person, virtual, and full-hybrid experiences, keynote speakers, presentations, high-level talks on the Polkadot movement, how to reach the full potential of Web3, and interactive, hands-on sessions for developers and enthusiasts dives deep into the latest blockchain and Web3 technologies. There was also an ecosystem showcase forum where attendees could see project presentations and demos, team meet-and-greets, meeting rooms, networking spaces, access to all in-person events through online virtual passes, and even watch community-hosted viewing parties at select locations around the world. world.

Polkadot Decoded 2023 was funded by the Polkadot Treasury and all attendees received a unique NFT of the new Decoded Hybrid Collection – an exclusive series of sci-fi artwork complete with a unique and tangible representation of participation in the Decoded event.

As part of his presentation on DeOSS, Mr. Humphreys pointed out the system’s lightning-fast, secure, and scalable storage for large files with privacy controls, making it ideal for enterprise-level users with dynamic data storage needs, as well as fast data read and write speeds, the ability to share data online, extensive support for secondary development, high security and scalability, privacy management through graded permissions, and massive storage capabilities (1,000 buckets/account).

These capabilities work in tandem with other notable features of CESS, such as support for monetization of user data, free and fair distribution of benefits to network participants, trustless privacy and ownership of data, and the speed, performance, scale, flexibility, and cost savings that are needed for large-scale commercial Web3 applications. CESS is expected to play a central role in the growth of enterprise-level decentralized storage in the coming months and years.

For more information about CESS, visit https://cess.cloud.

About CES

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is optimized to handle high-frequency dynamic data, enabling real-time data exchange; while protecting users’ property, privacy and assets. It provides multiple encrypted copies that are sliced ​​and distributed across global nodes, eliminating single-point failures, data leaks, and slow retrieval.

CESS is fully decentralized, thanks to an innovative consensus mechanism that provides fair and open participation, and a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and randomly selects nodes to reach consensus. In addition, CESS offers robust data recovery guarantees through the use of Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²). PoDR² continuously challenges storage nodes to prove data validity and availability. Recovery functionality prevents data loss and guarantees data integrity under all circumstances.

Data ownership and traceability are also guaranteed and verified with Multiformat Data Rights Confirmation technology (MDRC), and secure data and asset sharing, protected data transfers, permissions and royalties, and fast data retrieval through enhanced architecture design with indexing functionality and decentralized delivery of contents Network support is also provided. CESS’s Smart Cloud Space System also maximizes the use of distributed global storage space and manages disk space on nodes by regularly checking disk status, calculating available and used space, and clearing invalid data.

In this way, CESS is a secure, efficient and scalable decentralized cloud storage network that provides data storage services and data sharing platforms for Web3. It is the first decentralized storage network to provide full-stack data solutions for large-scale commercial applications. As an open-source and public blockchain, CESS is positioned to be the underlying network infrastructure equipped with integrated APIs and SDK for easy dApps deployment. It supports WASM and is compatible with EVM smart contracts, making CESS widely available for large-scale commercial applications with its superior data processing performance.

All incentives are guaranteed through a set of transparent and fair incentive mechanisms. Anyone can join CESS on a fair basis to become candidate consensus miners through R²S, preventing major nodes from having a monopoly on the network. R²S also achieves low gas costs and 10,000 TPS.

CESS supports use cases such as custom network drives, frontend support, decentralized streaming and social media, decentralized data marketplaces, user-generated content platforms, and blockchain data backup hubs, helping to build a diverse and robust ecosystem where transactions are secured by encryption and ownership of the data is returned to its rightful owners.

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