Cryptomarkets: some news about 4Chan


The crypto market: There has been a lot of movement in the crypto market in recent days meme currency market, with several emerging projects wreaking havoc, such as 4Chan.

For example, we see that the 4Chan currency continues to lose value after peaking on June 21, while other coins such as 420Chan and Bitcoin gain value.

We have also seen the emergence of platforms such as Wall Street Memes and yPredict, which can help traders stay abreast of the latest trends and investment opportunities in the meme coin sector.

4Chan crypto price in focus: plunge by more than 75%

The meme coin craze has recently returned to the fore, but the 4Chan coin has been unable to maintain its initial momentum from early June.

In fact, after a meteoric rise of 1,500% in a span of two weeks, the token has fallen sharply because early investors want to cash in on their profits.

Since June 21, 4Chan’s price has dropped more than 75 percent, with many investors believing the token could be worth zero.

Unfortunately for 4Chan’s supporters, the token’s heyday seems to be over, a situation that does not apply to 420Chan and Bitcoin.

Indeed, data from CoinMarketCap shows that 420Chan has switched $3 million in the past few hours, contributing to a massive 117% increase in the token’s market cap.

On Tuesday, the token also saw a remarkable increasewith early investors seeing profits of 587%.

While the price of 420Chan has retreated from Tuesday’s high, token holders are hoping that this temporary dip is only temporary and that the price will recover and resume its level. rising.

Wall Street Memes: What It Is and How It Works

Wall Street memes (WSM) is a new meme coin inspired by the WallStreetBets subreddit, best known for its involvement in the 2021 GameStop short squeeze.

While there is no direct link to the subreddit, the Wall Street Memes Project features funny market-themed memes, making it a large community of more than 1.1 million “deeps” (fans).

Massive community support has helped the Wall Street Memes team achieve past success with the launch of the Wall St Bulls NFT, a collection of 10,000 pieces that sold out in just 32 minutes.

Now, with the launch of the WSM token, the Wall Street Memes team aims to give back to the community and allow token holders to benefit from the growth of the same community.

According to the white paper of the project, Wall Street Memes also plans to launch an exclusive project “closed community” and work with high-profile influencers, both initiatives aimed at increasing the value of WSM.

While WSM is not yet officially listed on centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs), investors can still buy the token during the ongoing presale phase, which has already raised nearly $11 million.

Currently, WSM tokens are available for just $0.0304, a discount from the exchange’s scheduled listing price.

What are the top trending meme coins right now?

Despite some of the issues mentioned above, 4Chan, the meme coin that the Ethereum blockchain, remains one of the trending coins.

The native 4Chan token was launched on May 3 and saw a 7,300% increase in a short period of time, followed by a price correction. In addition, the platform has burned out all its liquidity and its contract is tax-free.

We see that on the other side PEPEs achievements are erratic, but often outperform better-known meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

In fact, this new meme coin seems to be back in the spotlight in recent days, perhaps thanks to the positive trend in the crypto market and increased interest from traditional financial institutions.

According to onchain data, there are currently approx 119,602 unique Pepe addressesindicating an increase in the number of PEPE coin holders since the beginning of the month.

Nevertheless, the revolutionary AI-X blockchain is valued at about $0.0000000115 after recent increases. The network aims to improve the speed, scalability and security of transactions.

finally, the apecoin token, APE, is up 15% over the past week, but is still emerging from a 50% slump. The performance in the second quarter of this year was disastrous, but it seems to be recovering.

However, major uncertainties remain and it is uncertain how long this recovery will last.

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