Crystal Capital Partners leverages SS&C and other news

In other news: GoldenSource partners with Snowflake, LexisNexis Risk Solutions launches ‘RiskNarrative’ and the JSE prepares Colo 2.0.

Crystal Capital strengthens operations through SS&C Systems

Crystal Capital Partners, an alternative investment platform provider, reports that it has selected SS&C Technologies’ Geneva and Advent systems to “streamline portfolio management and reporting across more than 500 custom portfolios and support continued growth,” officials say.

“Our integration with SS&C will help streamline the investment process for advisors and their clients, eliminating many of the burdensome operational processes associated with alternative investments, including subscriptions, rebalancing and liquidity schemes,” says Michael Hoyerchief financial officer (CFO) for Crystal Capital Partners.

“As a result, advisors can spend more time educating their clients about the breadth of the asset class and how it can be deployed in a modern portfolio,” says Hoyer.

Crystal Capital Partners’ investment platform helps clients “build diversified portfolios comprised of institutional private funds,” officials said. “Last year they delivered 20 percent annual AUM growth and 32 percent growth in new advisory relationships. Crystal’s platform currently connects more than 200 asset managers with approximately 60 external institutional funds that manage more than $1.5 trillion in assets.”

“We are excited to support Crystal Capital Partners in their efforts to make alternative investments more efficient,” says Karen Geiger, co-general manager of SS&C Advent, in a drafted statement. “We look forward to helping Crystal Capital optimize operational workflows on their platform so that their affiliated advisors can focus on client relationships and generating returns on investment.”

Crystal Capital’s clients include independent advisors, regional banks, divisions of investment banks and multi-family offices, officials say.

GoldenSource app facilitates Snowflake interactions

GoldenSource, a data management solution provider, reports that it has just released the GoldenSource Snowflake Native App, which will bring together the GoldenSource data warehouse schema and the Snowflake Data Share.

“The GoldenSource schema provides a way for companies to identify, structure, describe and link data that is of interest to an organization, independent of how the organization uses and processes that data,” said GoldenSource officials.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud cloud-native system provides “applications, collaboration, cybersecurity, data engineering, data lake, data science, data warehousing and unistore,” according to Snowflake officials.

The new app allows the GoldenSource scheme to “move to the Snowflake cloud data platform, meaning distributed datasets are mapped together and delivered in an easy-to-understand format so that market participants on the buy and sell side can effectively dice the data in Snowflake,” say GoldenSource officials. “Consequently, companies can significantly accelerate the use of analytical tools to extract deeper insights from data, leading to better decision-making.”

The GoldenSource Snowflake Native App “brings the process to the data, rather than having to move the data for processing. The app is a modern way to populate data schemas with content already in the Snowflake Data Share or in S3 buckets, which are public cloud storage containers,” officials added.

Before the new app, “cleaning and transforming raw data had to be handled externally by cloud computing platforms. The GoldenSource Snowflake Native App helps accelerate Snowflake adoption in the financial services industry, with an intuitive user experience and four easy steps in Snowflake: connect data; configure storage; enable events; access,” officials said.

“Historically, there have been significant barriers to companies extracting meaningful insights and value from cloud data content due to disparate datasets that are unstructured in nature,” said Jeremy Katzeff, head of buy side solutions at GoldenSource, in a drafted statement.

“With this collaboration, we aim to revolutionize the way datasets are integrated and analyzed in a modern cloud-native environment, enabling organizations to extract more valuable insights from data content, with a vastly improved user experience,” says Katzeff.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Introduces ‘RiskNarrative’

LexisNexis Risk Solutions reports that it has launched RiskNarrative, “a customer lifecycle management orchestration platform” designed to “reduce financial crime while reducing compliance costs and smoothing the customer journey.”

The LexisNexis RiskNarrative platform will help cut costs “caused by siled operations by unifying multiple customer onboarding, compliance, and risk-based workflows within a single application programming interface (API) and platform environment,” officials say.

“Orchestration platforms provide a single, real-time view of client risk for more effective and continuously responsive, end-to-end financial crime management. Organizations can accelerate risk decisions with this more holistic view that includes know-your-customer (KYC), know-your-business (KYB), anti-money laundering (AML), identity documentation, behavioral biometrics and enhanced fraud detection,” said LexisNexis. .

“Customers return to businesses and expect to be instantly recognized across multiple channels, while new customers want to jump in quickly and transact instantly. However, this digital transition in the global economy also increases the opportunities for criminals to exploit digital ecosystems and evade detection,” officials say.

LexisNexis RiskNarrative offers code-less configuration, drag-and-drop services and apps and easy integration, officials say.

“An orchestration platform helps to create a smooth and efficient exchange between the compliance, fraud and infosec functions,” says Ryan Morrissonvice president of platform strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, in a statement.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange prepares ‘Colo 2.0’

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) officials say they will “soon launch Colo 2.0 – an advanced managed infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution that will provide JSE clients with cloud-based colocation services.”

JSE officials will be on duty Beck Groupa managed cloud computing and analytics provider for financial markets, and IPC systemsa provider of electronic commerce, networking and communications solutions, officials say.

The new service will help customers gain “the ability to access on-demand, low-latency private cloud computing and analytics wrapped in Colo 2.0; using the leading private portal to self-manage and configure the infrastructure,” said JSE officials.

“We will provide our customers with leading innovative hosting and connectivity solutions for their colocation needs. This partnership with two global market leaders is critical to fostering innovation at the JSE,” says Langa Manqelehead of equities and equity derivatives at JSE.

Colo 2.0 offers “on-demand computing and analytics capabilities,” in “a fully configured, pre-installed” and multi-tenant environment, officials say.

The solution aims to “reduce time to market and total cost of ownership while providing PTP (precision time protocol) timestamping, improved flexibility and scalability, a built-in analytics server, and a single point of contact for support and billing.” officials say.

“By reducing CapEx spend and operational barriers to entry, our flexible solution enables the JSE to offer a proprietary cloud service in their own facility and easily manage that infrastructure at scale, turning a cost center into a profit center,” says Gordon MacArthurCEO of Beeks’ Group, in a statement.

The JSE provides “primary and secondary capital markets for a wide variety of securities ranging from equity, derivatives and debt markets,” officials said. It is the largest fair in Africa and has existed for 135 years.

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