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Solana (SOL) and Cosmos (ATOM) have emerged as two formidable contenders in the battle against coin handling and ownership challenges. Each project addresses these issues in its own unique way, providing innovative solutions that reshape the crypto landscape.

Meanwhile, in the midst of this ongoing evolution, BEASTS Coin (BEASTS) is preparing to rise to the occasion, ready to showcase its potential to investors even in the early stages of the presale.

Solana Shines Bright: A Revolution in Coin Handling and Ownership

Solana seamlessly combines speed, efficiency and scalability by leveraging the groundbreaking Proof of History (PoH) consensus mechanism. This revolutionary technology redefines secure event ordering, enabling Solana (SOL) to process an astonishing number of transactions per second. It’s like witnessing an unstoppable high-speed train that propels the DeFi ecosystem to new heights.

In an exciting tweet that reverberated in the crypto community, esteemed analyst Smart Contracter, with a devoted following of over 220,000 Twitter devotees, shared an optimistic view of Solana. Based on the recently completed three-wave Elliott Wave Theory correction pattern and a resilient bounce from a significant support level, Smart Contracter justified their bullish sentiment on SOL. All signs match and point to a potentially meteoric rise for this remarkable smart contract platform.

Solana’s extraordinary performance and innovative approach have placed it firmly in the spotlight of the DeFi arena. With blazing speed, unwavering efficiency and unmatched scalability, Solana is positioned to shape the future of decentralized finance and outshine its competitors.

Cosmos connects the Blockchain dots

Cosmos (ATOM) presents an open, scalable, and interoperable blockchain ecosystem designed to address the hurdle of blockchain fragmentation. It provides a solution that allows different blockchains to seamlessly connect and communicate with each other, enabling smooth communication and wealth transfers. This unique interoperability feature sets Cosmos apart from its counterparts.

Leveraging its breakthrough technology, Cosmos enables the creation of independent blockchains that operate effectively while maintaining connectivity to the wider network. This modular approach improves scalability and improves the usability of blockchain applications as a whole. With its strong emphasis on interoperability, Cosmos empowers developers to build resilient and interconnected decentralized applications, unlocking new opportunities in blockchain technology.

BEASTS Coin seems to be a winner

Amidst the altcoin frenzy, BEASTS Coin (BEASTS) is emerging as a promising new entrant to the cryptocurrency market, catching the attention of investors. Symbolizing growth and strength, the unique metaphor of caged liquidity captivates individuals with its compelling world-building and captivating lore. As investors lock up their money safely, these remarkable ‘caged creatures’ are becoming more and more formidable, offering the promise of financial freedom.

An exciting aspect of BEASTS Coin lies in its enticing referral scheme, which offers a way to generate passive income. This scheme has a dual incentive structure that benefits both referrers and investors using referral codes, giving them an additional 20% BEASTS tokens.

This increases the benefits for those who join the early adopters. With the referral scheme, each user is given the option to create a personalized referral code, which serves as an exclusive link that can be shared with friends, family, or anyone interested in investing in BEASTS Coin.

Whenever someone uses your referral code to acquire BEASTS Tokens, you, as the referrer, will receive an instant reward of 20% of the amount deposited in USDT, instantly added to your wallet. This instant payout gives referrers the opportunity to start earning right away.

Importantly, investors who use a referral code also reap the benefits. By using someone else’s code, they will receive an additional 20% BEASTS Tokens on top of their first purchase. This mutually beneficial setup creates a win-win scenario, rewarding both the referrer and the investor. It promotes community involvement and cultivates a spirit of collaboration within the BEASTS Coin ecosystem.

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