Demox Labs unveils privacy-focused crypto wallet Tradecurve to provide privacy protection through DeFi capabilities

Trading curve

Privacy and security are essential considerations for individuals engaged in cryptocurrency transactions. To address these concerns, Demox Labs, a prominent player in the crypto industry, has unveiled a privacy-focused crypto wallet.

At the same time, Tradecurve, an emerging trading platform currently in presale, is ramping up its efforts to provide privacy protection through the integration of decentralized finance (DeFi) capabilities. Keep reading as we take a closer look at both developments.


Demox Labs unveils a new privacy-focused crypto wallet

As the cryptocurrency market grows, the need for secure and private wallets becomes more and more important. Demox Labs has recognized this demand and unveiled the Leo Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet that focuses on privacy and is suitable for the Aleo blockchain.

Leo Wallet was created primarily to support zero-knowledge blockchains. When it was made available to download and use on the Aleo blockchain, it had a queue of over 40,000 users. Users can now generate ZKPs (Zero-Knowledge Proofs) directly from their web browser. This feature ensures complete secrecy and allows programmers to design privacy-oriented programs.

In the following months, Demox Labs plans to expand the use of Leo Wallet to include more zero-knowledge blockchains. Leo Wallet’s primary goal was to integrate with the Aleo Blockchain, which would deploy its mainnet later this year. With privacy issues becoming increasingly important in the crypto community, Demox Labs’ initiative is a positive step towards addressing these issues and improving the overall privacy landscape within the cryptocurrency space.

Trading curve

Tradecurve (TCRV) to use DeFi capabilities to provide privacy protection

Upcoming borderless Ethereum-based trading platform Tradecurve takes privacy protection to the next level by leveraging DeFi capabilities. By integrating DeFi features into the decentralized exchange protocol, Tradecurve aims to provide enhanced privacy protection for users engaged in decentralized trading.

First, Tradecurve users are not required to undergo KYC checks on sign-up, which many traditional trading platforms such as Kraken and eToro use. They can open an account using an email, link it to a crypto wallet and use their cryptocurrency assets as collateral when trading stocks, indices, commodities, forex and even cryptocurrencies.

With this development, Tradecurve offers a private trading environment where users, regardless of their location, can trade completely anonymously. On the other hand, all these trading options will be available in one account, something that not too many exchanges allow.

Transparency will also be another focus of Tradecurve as it will introduce its own Proof of Reserves (PoR) after launch. This validates the collateral of digital assets stored on Tradecurve and helps to increase user confidence in the platform. Investors should also have peace of mind as Tradecurve will implement security features such as negative balance protection which prevents an account from going below zero, 2FA security options, a token smart contract audit by Cyberscope and a team KYC audit by Assure DeFi.


TCRV, Tradecurve’s utility token, is essential to this platform. The ability to vote for the future of the platform, passive income via staking, and access to exclusive trading account rewards are just some of the benefits of owning TCRV.

TCRV is now being offered during the presale period for only $0.015. Market analysts are predicting a substantial increase in value, possibly given a 50x increase as this Stage 3 presale progresses. If Tradecurve delivers on its promises, a 100x jumping has not been ruled out since, after launch; it is expected that TCRV will be listed at a significant CEX.

Ultimately, by leveraging the privacy-enhancing features of DeFi, Tradecurve aims to strengthen user privacy and promote a more secure and confidential environment for online trading. This will set it apart from its competition and could make Tradecurve a favorite with millions of privacy-conscious traders worldwide. So become an early investor by following the links below and get a 25% deposit bonus.

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