Enhanced safety and advanced features in a dash cam

The Viofo A229 Duo 2K + 2K dash cam with front and rear camera is an improved version of the previous A129 series. This dash cam promises enhanced driving safety through high-resolution rear recording and offers a range of features including dual-band Wi-Fi, advanced parking modes, voice prompts, a built-in GPS mount and the Sony Starvis sensor IMX335 for enhanced image clarity.

The A229 Duo features a larger 2.4-inch HD screen, differentiating it from Viofo’s previous models with conventional 2-inch screens. This upgrade improves the live viewing experience and improves heat dissipation and durability. However, the display does not support touch, so you have to navigate using the buttons below the display.

The rear panel contains LED indicators for power and GPS status and the standard REC, MIC and Wi-Fi indicators. The compact design, slim back coaxial cable and miniature connectors make the A229 Duo easy to install neatly and concealed. The newly improved coaxial cable also reduces electromagnetic interference.

The dash cam comes with a USB-C charging cable, which is great to see instead of the more dated mini-USB.

The USB-C end of the cable is angled 90 degrees, while the other is a standard USB-A. This offers great flexibility for vehicles with USB ports, but Viofo also has a cigarette lighter adapter with two built-in USB ports.

The front-facing camera can be tilted vertically for optimal viewing, but it’s best to test where you want to stick the dashcam on your windshield as it doesn’t offer left or right adjustments. Viofo included an optional circular polarizing lens with my review unit that snaps onto the front of the lens to reduce windshield glare and thus improve clarity.

The holder is stuck to the windshield with double-sided 3M tape. The dashcam clicks into the holder, making it quick and easy to remove if necessary.


The A229 Duo supports Quad HD 1440P at 30 fps on the front and rear cameras. Under optimal lighting, this should be a resolution good enough to capture license plate numbers and incidents behind their vehicles, providing additional security and evidence in the event of an accident, road rage or tailgating.

Equipped with an F1.6 aperture lens and WDR technology, the dash cam captures excellent detail in low light conditions. However, many external factors will degrade image quality, including things like the weather.

The dual-band Wi-Fi options of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz make it easy to control and watch videos with a smartphone or the Viofo app. The app provides access to the setup menu, viewing the live feed from the front and rear cameras, playing back recorded videos, and downloading or sharing video files. With an improved 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, the A229 Duo offers faster transfer speeds than traditional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Viewing recorded files on my iPhone was instantaneous. Viofo also included an optional 64GB (€27.09) Viofo branded SD card with my review unit – it can hold a micro SD card of up to 512GB.

Playback on my phone was instant, but it took 6.5 minutes to download a 586 MB file over the direct WiFi connection to the A229 Duo.

Configured with voice prompts in multiple languages, the A229 Duo helps confirm settings and receive alerts for events such as video security and memory card errors. The built-in GPS cradle tracks route data, speed and time, enabling accurate timestamps on recorded videos. It also synchronizes the camera clock with the GPS time for a correct timestamp.

The A229 Duo’s advanced parking modes, including Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse and Low Bitrate Recording, provide comprehensive parking coverage. Auto Event Detection automatically records for 45 seconds when it detects moving objects or collisions while parking, making it ideal for capturing incidents such as minor collisions in supermarket car parks or damaged door mirrors. The buffer function ensures that recording starts 15 seconds before the event and continues for 30 seconds afterwards, so that no crucial footage is missed. One of my favorite features is the Time Lapse mode that captures video at low frames per second and compresses it into a single file. This is great for sharing on social media or taking a video of your latest adventure.

Optional extras

While you don’t need optional accessories for the A229, it’s good to have the choice. These include an external 3.5mm jack port microphone (€16.42) for clear audio recording during police checks or traffic incidents and the HK4 hardware kit (€14.77), which provides continuous power for parking monitoring and low-voltage protection for the vehicle’s battery. car.

The circularly polarizing lens reduces reflections and glare from windows and road surfaces, improving image quality and contrast. In addition, the emergency Bluetooth remote control ($16.42) can be conveniently positioned for safe and convenient use while driving, instantly locking the current video clip or image with the touch of a button.


The Viofo A229 Duo is an innovative dash cam that offers advanced features to improve driving safety and can provide reliable evidence of an incident. With its high-resolution reversing camera, dual-band Wi-Fi, advanced parking modes, voice prompts and additional accessories, it is suitable for drivers looking for comprehensive protection and convenience.

Given its competitive price and range of features, the A229 Duo is an attractive choice for drivers looking for a reliable, feature-rich dash cam.

Viofo A229 Duo Dashcam Viofo € 209.83 with free shipping

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