Ethereum Whales Redeem Their Holdings as DigiToads (TOADS) and ChainLink (LINK) Attract New Investors

Crypto whales are the movers and shakers of crypto markets. Given the decentralized nature, they can trigger significant price action by buying or selling specific tokens. A notable Ethereum whale has liquidated significant positions even as DigiToads closes a successful pre-sale.

Whales are long-term holders as well as speculative accounts. Some actions may indicate that a digital asset is not considered to have a significant benefit in the foreseeable future. Bitcoin and Ethereum are better able to withstand whale dumping, but their movement is still remarkable.

DigiToads has raised over $6.4 million in a significant presale. This margin indicates strong investor enthusiasm for a new project. DigiToads will start on August 21, 2023, even though participants will continue to benefit from favorable prices during the presale.

Ethereum Whales Exploring Alternative Assets

Whales are cryptocurrency wallets with significant amounts of crypto. These are the Bitcoin and Ethereum millionaires whose activity can rock the market. An example is the Winklevoss twins, whose wealth has made them crypto billionaires.

In the cautious market, an Ethereum wallet recently unloaded $15 million worth of ETH. This move was significant as the wallet had been dormant for six years despite the epic 2021 rally.

The sale sparked discussions between traders and investors. Ethereum is still relatively stable, but this large move may indicate uncertainty about its ability to continue rising. This move comes even as more investors choose assets like TOADS and LINK as alternatives.

DigiToads has appreciated 400% in the presale

The emergence of DigiToads is due to its distinction from existing memecoins. This project has the fun aspect of memecoins, but offers participants real utility and a roadmap. Investors can analyze this project over the long term as it is not purely dependent on the cyclical market hype.

As the pre-sale ends on August 15, 2023, users can look forward to the launch of the gaming ecosystem on August 21, 2023. The pre-sale is in its tenth and final phase, with early entrants already achieving a 400% return on investment. Next comes the official launch on the main market. TOADS Tokens are currently available for $0.05 and will soon increase to $0.055.

The launch price of $0.055 means tokens will be 450% valued at launch. This mark is only impressive for a presale coin. Investors are eagerly awaiting whether this could be the next 1000x project.

The game itself involves nurturing digital toads in a competitive wetland ecosystem. Players can earn various in-game rewards for their efforts. The icing on the cake is NFT collectibles that allow players to create unique value. Notably, players can wager these NFTs for a portion of the TOADS transaction fees, making the NFTs even more useful. Users can start staking NFTs on August 21, 2023 and minting is already possible at


Before Ethereum became a titan in this scene, it was once a new project that caught the interest of investors. DigiToads takes the same position, even if it seems to change memecoins forever. It is not enough to try to copy Dogecoin’s success. This project is trying to create its own identity and potentially create tremendous value for early investors.

While crypto investors look for optimism, this project is one of the few that offers a silver lining. DigiToads has done extremely well in a presale that took place in a tough market and amid regulatory uncertainty. Crypto whales are now eyeing this token and alternatives like ChainLink (LINK) for future gains. It will be fascinating to follow the growth after the launch on August 21, 2023.

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