Harry Styles Concert app is revolutionizing fan experience with Blockchain rewards

In a groundbreaking move, the worlds of music and blockchain technology came together at a recent Harry Styles concert. Through the EVNTZ app, fans were introduced to a new era of immersive experiences fueled by non-fungible token (NFT) rewards and the power of Web3. This article takes a look at the innovative integration of blockchain technology into the music industry and explores how the former One Direction member and his team are redefining the relationship between artists and fans.

Unleash Blockchain Rewards

At the heart of this transformative experience is the EVNTZ app, an official event application designed to increase fan engagement. Leveraging Co:Create’s Web3 infrastructure and Polygon’s Ethereum sidechain, the app offers fans a seamless entry into the world of blockchain with no prior experience.

Through EVNTZ, fans will have access to a digital wallet that they can keep for themselves, allowing them to participate in future blockchain-based rewards.

Improved fan experiences

EVNTZ goes beyond traditional concert apps by offering fans a range of services and features. From booking transportation to accessing exclusive merchandise, the app serves as a comprehensive hub for all things related to the concert experience.

In addition, the platform paves the way for future in-app rewards tied to engagement within the fan community. It ensures that loyal fans are recognized and rewarded for their dedication.

Empowering the next generation of music fans

EVNTZ founder Kim O’Callaghan highlights the team’s commitment to meeting the growing expectations of fans who crave better experiences in return for their loyalty. By integrating Web3 and blockchain technology, EVNTZ aims to empower music fans by offering them custom rewards and creating gamified experiences.

This approach not only strengthens the bond between artists and fans, but also aligns with the broader shift to community-driven brands.

Transparency and influence

Additionally, Co:Create CEO Tara Fung emphasizes the transparency and influence that blockchain-based experiences bring. By using blockchain tools, fans can gain insight into others’ participation and can be rewarded for their contributions to their favorite brands.

Such an innovative approach allows fans to shape the direction of brands and fosters a sense of community within the fandom, she says.

Polygon 2.0 Upgrade and the future of MATIC

While the Harry Styles concert app shows the immense potential of blockchain rewards, the underlying blockchain infrastructure is also undergoing significant development. Polygon, the Ethereum sidechain powering EVNTZ, recently unveiled Polygon 2.0.

This highly anticipated upgrade is intended to address scalability issues and improve the functionality of the platform. Despite the excitement surrounding the upgrade, the MATIC token has experienced a minor setback in its market value, dropping 1% in value over the past week.