Here’s how blockchain and AI combine to redefine data security

The generative capabilities of conversational AI like ChatGPT and Midjourney paved the way for better tools to use and benefit from data. However, the AI ​​trend also enabled the emergence of fake data and fabricated files. For example, AI’s advanced content creation capabilities make fake images indistinguishable from authentic images.

With its immutable nature, blockchain technology has the potential to counter AI-powered fake data with a set of verification and validation. Recent reports estimate that the global blockchain AI market will grow from $230 million in 2021 to nearly $1 billion in 2030. As the blockchain AI market expands and matures, new projects targeting better data management and better security. From time-stamping documents via blockchain to providing data authenticity to using Big Data derived from social media for informed market decision-making, here are the most popular blockchain projects leveraging the power of AI.

DAO enables verifiable data and documents

One of the most important aspects of blockchain technology is the timestamp of each block generated on the network. Blockchain based open source platform VIDT DAO enables decentralized timestamping technology to secure and verify digital data such as certificates, firmware and AI results. Using the native VIDT token, the platform provides data validation and governance across the entire blockchain. Every time a VIDT holder timestamps a file, a transaction is executed, recording all the necessary details in different blockchains.

Source: VIDT DAO

VIDT DAO recently announced File Validator, an easy-to-use tool that allows anyone to time-stamp their files, guaranteeing their authenticity and making data easily verifiable. When used for AI apps and services, FileValidator enables blockchain time-stamping of AI prompts and results, helping with more transparent records of AI model performance. By providing a way to know what is true rather than trying to catch everything that is false, VIDT integrators create a reliable environment for data and document exchange. The FileValidator open beta is scheduled to launch on April 7.

AI-powered market intelligence

The rapid decision-making capabilities of AI are a very effective means of collecting and analyzing real-time data when combined with market-specific tools and algorithms. Lunar Crusha crypto asset intelligence platform, uses AI to analyze Big Data created on social media platforms to provide real-time crypto market insights and analysis.

Source: Lunar Crush

Users avoid making crypto investment decisions fueled by fake news and unfounded hype by using reliable information about crypto projects, influencers and market trends provided by LunarCrush. Social analytics tools in LunarCrush help crypto users of all experience levels make informed decisions based on accurate information.

Data exchange in a trusted environment

Blockchain’s decentralized and cryptographic infrastructure helps build AI models that are resistant to data manipulation, resulting in data exchange in a robust environment. Fetch.aia Cambridge-based AI platform, uses advanced technologies such as machine learning, blockchain and multi-agent systems to enhance data security and authenticity.


A decentralized machine learning network for better data security and authenticity is also attracting the interest of global players. German industry giant Bosch recently joined forces with to create the Foundation to drive industry adoption of AI-powered blockchain and Web3 technologies.

With projects like LunarCrush, VIDT DAO and changing the way users and businesses approach data security and integrity, it becomes possible to fight against fake data and documents created by the rise of AI technologies. By investing in innovation.

solutions, these projects enable a more secure digital future. As it becomes more important to distinguish fake data from the original, projects using blockchain to provide validation protect the digital presence of society as a whole.

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