HOUNAX Exchange partners with Blockchain entrepreneurs and users to drive industry innovation and community building


Published July 25, 2023

The world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, HOUNAX, recently announced the launch of HOUNAX Funds, aimed at providing financing support and development opportunities for entrepreneurs, further promoting innovation and development in the blockchain industry. At the same time, HOUNAX Exchange is actively building an open community with its open development philosophy, gathering talents and enthusiasts from all walks of life to explore the application possibilities of blockchain technology together.

In the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market, startup teams often face challenges of capital shortfalls and scarce resources. HOUNAX aims to fill this gap by providing potential entrepreneurs with financial support through HOUNAX Funds to help them develop innovative projects. At the same time, HOUNAX will also provide professional technical guidance, market promotion and industry resources to help startup teams achieve sustainable growth and success.

HOUNAX spokesperson Gabriel Junior Robinson said, “HOUNAX has always upheld the philosophy of open development. We are well aware of the dilemmas and needs of blockchain entrepreneurs. By launching HOUNAX Funds, we hope to provide them with a stable and reliable support platform so that they can succeed in the fiercely competitive market. We believe that outstanding entrepreneurs and innovative projects will boost the development of the entire blockchain industry, and we will do our utmost to support them.”

The launch of HOUNAX Funds not only benefits entrepreneurs, but also brings numerous benefits to users of the HOUNAX Exchange. Gabriel stated, “The launch of HOUNAX Funds means that more high-quality projects will have the opportunity to be listed on the HOUNAX Exchange after a thorough screening, providing users with more choices and diverse investment options. Users can choose suitable projects based on their risk preferences and investment strategies, further expanding their investment portfolio and achieving better asset allocation and valuation opportunities.”

The strength of the community is the key to driving the development of the industry. HOUNAX not only provides financial support to entrepreneurs through HOUNAX Funds, but also strives to create an open community that anyone can join. They encourage members to share knowledge, experiences and resources and together build a prosperous, sustainably developing blockchain ecosystem. Brainstorming allows them to better address industry challenges, explore innovative solutions, and contribute to the advancement of the cryptocurrency and Web3 industry.

As an innovative open trading platform, HOUNAX always puts users’ interests first and is committed to providing better trading services and experiences to users of the global community. Currently, HOUNAX has more than 60 communities around the world, and through HOUNAX’s communities, users can stay abreast of current industry trends, learn about the latest applications and innovations of blockchain technology, and maintain a keen understanding of the market.

“In the HOUNAX community, you can meet professionals and domain experts from the blockchain industry. They can exchange experiences, share points of view, and get valuable advice and guidance, improving their professional knowledge and skills in the blockchain field,” says Joel Rupert, a user of the community. The HOUNAX community is also a platform for sharing ideas and points of view with other blockchain enthusiasts. Users can participate in discussions, ask questions, share their opinions and experiences, and explore the application and development of blockchain technology with other members of the community, encouraging innovative thinking.

With its open development philosophy, the launch of HOUNAX funds and the establishment of an inclusive community, HOUNAX provides more development opportunities and resource support for entrepreneurs, leading to more investment opportunities and quality project choices for users. Working closely with entrepreneurs and users, HOUNAX Exchange is committed to promoting innovation and development in the blockchain industry, building a prosperous and sustainably developing blockchain ecosystem.

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