How Golteum is dynamizing precious metals with its advanced tokenization procedure while presale does the number for investors

XVG, HIFI and GLTM are some of the coins with unique proposals in today’s crypto world. Verge (XVG,) refers to open-source software, as well as a community for things related to cryptos.

HIFI is a native token of Hifi, the DeFi finance protocol positioned to simplify the art of managing community-backed cryptos.

GLTM is Golteum’s brilliant idea – a multi-asset Web3 platform for precious metals and cryptos to thrive. GLTM outperforms XVG and HIFI by a mile as it ups its game with strong fundamentals and unique tokenization procedures even as the 2nd pre-sale is here.

Verge (XVG) Anonymity does not lead to an upward trend

Verge is trying to equip people around the world by introducing blockchain deals into normal life, making it realistic for people to participate in deals quickly, privately and efficiently.

Despite this emphasis on privacy, the coin launched in 2014 ranks relatively low among other coins. XVG, the symbol of the Verge brand, has seen a downward slope that has lost almost 100% of its all-time high and has dropped in value by more than 15% in the past 24 hours.


While Verge makes it easy to be anonymous by obscuring the IP address of the transaction participants, in 2018 a website served as a whistleblower and reportedly said that Verge, so calling anonymous IP addresses, is not hidden and claims all IP List addresses associated with 100s of Verge transactions.

However, Verge denied all alleged claims and disputes the authenticity of the website dedicated to publishing the address.

Hifi struggles to keep its head above water

Hifi is a DeFi protocol that allows users to borrow and lend crypto at a fixed rate of interest. The applicable governance token is backed by the community-approved risk management process and incentives to confirm the seamless operation of the Hifi protocol.

Holders of HIFI, the native token, can choose which assets users can borrow against which can be NFTs, ETH-oriented tokens, and even tokens backed by real-time assets. Central to the Hifi lending protocol are a pair of switches that are put on accounts at a setup fee the moment a user borrows from the same protocol.

Currently, HIFI has lost more than 54% from its all-time high and is registering an 11.93% drop in ROI, this fall in value making some investors skeptical about getting their hands on the token.

Golteum’s unique tokenization process

Through a robust global network of precious metal suppliers, Golteum had developed a decentralized approach to tokenizing real assets. Accredited individuals can apply for tokenization by holding these precious metals in a related storage system.

The decentralized nature of the Golteum ecosystem is exemplary and strong enough. Therefore, the network is unable to ever touch or influence the precious metals deposited so far. Such a framework is not only logical, but also demonstrates reliability.

Based on this exciting factor and several others, it is not surprising that many customers are leveraging the benefits Golteum offers through its GLTM token. The 1st pre-sale was a huge success, selling out in just 48 hours at $0.0074 per token price.

The 2nd pre-sale is here and should ramp up the number of potential investors around the world in no time. The current price sits at $0.012 but has all the potential to rise as experts have reliably predicted it will hit $5 in a few months given its strong fundamentals. In addition, GLTM comes with a 15% bonus that investors can now seamlessly take advantage of.

The platform has also undergone rigorous, comprehensive audits of its smart contract by Certik, a blockchain security firm, which also awarded six members of the team the Certik silver badge. This puts Golteum in a good light as audits are meant to protect a platform from bad actors who secure users’ funds from hacks.


For many reasons, it is best to settle for GLTM compared to HIFI and XVG. The compelling tokenomics alongside the nature of the tokenization procedures attest to the breathtaking nature of Golteum’s cryptocurrency strategy. The Boston Consulting Group has stated that the tokenized assets industry would reach $16 trillion by 2030. In this regard, Golteum is strategically positioned to tilt GLTM on an upward scale.

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