Launches Revolutionary Crypto Wallet Backup and Restore System with Built-in Deadman Switch

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Los Angeles, CA. June 30, 2023 – Keyback.ioa leading innovator in the technology and cryptocurrency industry, is proud to announce the release of its highly anticipated product: a seed phrase backup and restore tool coupled with a programmable kill switch.

This groundbreaking solution is designed to address the critical need for safe and reliable asset preservation and transfer in the crypto currency market. With its reliable design, multi-encryption, decentralized backups and anonymous features, Keyback crypto wallet backup will revolutionize the industry.

Keyback was described in a recent private Q&A: “You can back up and restore literally anything on a text basis. Hardware or software wallet seed phrases, cold wallet private keys, NFTs, crypto exchange logins, 2FA backup codes… and most importantly, instructions for your loved ones if they ever need to recover your wallets. It’s ingenious.”

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts face the challenge of ensuring the safety and accessibility of their digital assets, especially in unforeseen circumstances. The Keyback crypto wallet backup introduces a new approach to address this problem. The entire backup and reconstruction process can be performed offline, ensuring the utmost security and protecting users’ sensitive information from potential cyber threats.

One of the notable features of the Keyback crypto wallet backup is the built-in Deadman Switch. Benefactors can appoint their trustees, who are responsible for validating the benefactor’s disability or death. Once confirmed, the Deadman Switch follows the user-defined timing structure, ensuring the transfer of crypto wealth to designated beneficiaries at the desired time. The Deadman Switch can be set to request proof of life at customizable intervals of 7, 14 or 28 days.

“We are excited to introduce Keyback crypto wallet backup to the cryptocurrency market,” said David Lister, Keyback co-CEO. “This product revolutionizes the way we protect and transfer crypto wealth, even in the most dire circumstances. It represents an important milestone in the maturation of cryptocurrency as a legitimate investment and means of generating and transferring wealth .”

Key features of the Keyback Backup/Recovery & Transfer solution:

Unreliable and encrypted: Keyback ensures the highest level of security by using reliable and encrypted technology, protecting users’ crypto assets from unauthorized access or theft. Trust between parties is not required.

Decentralized and anonymous: Keyback’s decentralized nature ensures users have full control over their crypto wallet backups, eliminating trust issues and ensuring redundancy. Maintaining anonymity and security, unlike other products, is a core aspect of Keyback. No KYC here.

Offline encryption process: The encryption process is performed by the user offline in the browser, greatly reducing the risk of exposure to online threats and ensuring the utmost privacy.

Deadman Switch functionality: Benefactors can set the Deadman Switch interval according to their preference, guaranteeing that their crypto wealth will be transferred to the beneficiaries in the event of incapacitation.

Customizable Vault release: The Benefactor has the power to determine when and how the vault is opened for Beneficiaries to reconstruct the crypto wallet, giving them complete control over their digital assets. From 5 to 20 weeks in total.

The legal will system has no solution for crypto transfer after death

Until now, there has been no legal or technical solution for passing on digital assets upon the death of a person. Legal wills are public documents that do not provide a secure mechanism for the transfer of digital wallets or private keys. Keyback represents a major step forward in preserving and transferring digital asset wealth in the cryptocurrency space. With its advanced features and unparalleled security, Keyback enables individuals to secure and pass on their crypto assets to loved ones regardless of unforeseen circumstances.

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About Keyback:

Keyback is a leading innovator in the technology and cryptocurrency industry. With a focus on providing safe and reliable solutions, Keyback is committed to advancing the cryptocurrency market and ensuring the preservation and transfer of wealth through advanced technology.

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Jennifer Carter
Director of Public Relations
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