Last Call – Ecoterra Recycle to Earn Crypto! Next 10x Altcoin?

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The greenest crypto asset, Ecoterra, about to hit the crypto industry, has raised a whopping $5.69 million in its final pre-sale. The $ECOTERRA presale has entered its final phase. As a token of their gratitude to their supporters, Ecoterra is currently offering a 10% bonus in $ECOTERRA for all purchases made through their official site.

Ecoterra presale in final phase: more than $5.69 million already raised

Ecoterra’s pre-sale is in its final phase, offering traders a limited opportunity to invest at a discounted price before it launches on public exchanges and the value rises. Guide to buying Ecoterra tokens here.

The pre-sale has already generated more than $5.69 million in funding in just a few months and nearly reached the hard cap of $6.7 million, indicating significant interest from investors worldwide. Check out our guide to the best low-cap crypto to buy here.

The cost of each $ECOTERRA token is $0.01; investors can buy them with ETH, USDT or cards. In addition, the latest presale round now offers a 10% bonus in $ECOTERRA Tokens. Ecoterra focuses on promoting recycling and combating global warming.

Their mission is to raise awareness about recycling and encourage active participation. By offering rewards for recycling, Ecoterra provides a platform for users to earn passive income as well. Check out our guide to the best altcoins to buy right now here.

Overall, with its innovative reward system and impressive early fundraising, Ecoterra has positioned itself as a promising altcoin that could explode post-list. Check out our guide to the best crypto ICOs to invest in here.

Ecoterra: Emerging eco-friendly altcoin that advocates for sustainability

Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA) is a transformative project that aims to promote sustainable practices worldwide. Ecoterra is a revolutionary crypto project that uses blockchain technology and an innovative recycle-to-earn (R2E) model to encourage and reward users for actions that combat climate change.

Ecoterra stands out as one of the leading green initiatives dedicated to addressing these climate challenges through its unique features and solutions. At the heart of Ecoterra is the R2E model, which serves as a central part of the overall objectives. Check out our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

This model works by providing incentives in the form of $ECOTERRA tokens to users who recycle plastic, cans, glass bottles and other used products through reverse vending machines (RVMs). In addition, the platform features a carbon offsetting marketplace and a recycled materials trading center.

These enable manufacturers and recycling industries to connect with each other and purchase recycled products at a low rate. All transactions on the marketplaces are processed with $ECOTERRA. Also, members can invest their earned $ ECOTERRA in green projects supported by the platform.

These projects include planting trees, installing solar and wind energy systems, and raising global awareness about the importance of recycling. In addition, the Ecoterra tokens have several utilities, including buying sustainable products and supporting tree planting campaigns. View our ECOTERRA price forecast here.


Ecoterra – New eco-friendly crypto

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  • CertiK checked
  • Doxxed professional team
  • Earn free crypto for recycling
  • Gamified environmental action
  • Presale Now Live – $2 Million+ Raised
  • Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph featured project

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