Logan Paul of CryptoZoo NFT: Latest news

YouTuber and WWE fighter Logan Paul has yet to refund buyers of his CryptoZoo NFT game planaccused of being a fraud.

Six months after his video detailing his plan to make amends, his promises have still not been kept.

Logan Paul of CryptoZoo NFT: The scam game and six-month-old promises are not kept

According to what has emerged, it appears that Logan Paulthe YouTuber who launched his CryptoZoo NFT game project in 2021 seems to have cheated his audience. In short, Paul and his team sold NFTs and released a ZOO token, but the game never materialized.

As a result, the YouTuber reportedly released his own video six months ago in which he announced how he went about solving things in a ‘three-step plan’, which one has still to be fulfilled.

Indeed, investigating the matter from the very beginning was Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen who reportedly stated the following:

“I have spoken to the victims and watched their public Discord chat throughout the year. The last time Logan communicated with them was in January. I also contacted Logan several times to ask about this.

According to the victims there [have] zero payments. There’s no excuse for this. Logan made a public statement about this, taking credit for it and ghosting the victims.

The only thing that is certain about the influencer is the February 2023 class action lawsuit claim that Paul and his team tricked CryptoZoo buyers with a “knockout punch”.

In the meantime, what are Logan’s unfulfilled promises to CryptoZoo NFT’s defrauded buyers?

Logan Paul of CryptoZoo NFT: the lie about the ZOO token burn

So says an early promise Paul made in his video with over 330,000 views he and his manager Jeffrey Levin would burn their ZOO token.

The idea, therefore, is to send those ZOO tokens to a burning wallet so that they are destroyed, meaning neither of them can benefit from their tokens.

However, the research conducted shows that this ZOO burn did not happen. At this point, a gaming wallet used for such activities has even been identified that appears to belong to those directly involved, but has been inactive since March 2022.

BSC Scan data also records no significant ZOO burns for six months, although several burns from other portfolios have occurred.

At this point, it’s unclear who the various wallets belong to, but what appears to be CryptoZoo’s game wallet holds 70% of the total token supply.

Of the other portfolios that remained in the top 10 by total percentage of supply, none would perform the ZOO burn; in fact, two of them even received additional tokens, worth $15,000 each.

Logan Paul of CryptoZoo NFT and buyers not refunding and more

Another statement from the YouTuber spoke of him $1.8 million “commitment” to repay purchasers of its NFT game project.

This is a second unfulfilled promisewhich targeted holders of NFT Base Egg or Base Animal, bought for 0.1 ETH each, equivalent to about $193 today.

In this regard, a victim buyer of CryptoZoo, known by the pseudonym Just pixelreportedly stated the following:

“I invested in total [of] ~$15K. I was able to get just under $2K out before the price completely plummeted to the floor. I have not received any money back. I also bought three of these egg NFTs at launch. I have not yet received it back.”

Logan Paul’s “scam” apparently involved his own team. And in fact, Zak KellingCryptoZoo’s engineer and first CTO, reportedly has been has been waiting since January to receive more than $1 million in fees for his workwhich he said he completed with a team of 45 engineers.

CryptoZoo’s game never materialized

Finally, the last stage concerns the game project “CryptoZoo”, which actually still exists seems to be under development on its official website, with the same screen from 2022.

Again, this is yet another promise from the WWE fighter that hasn’t happened yet.

Specifically, CryptoZoo was announced in 2020 and the launch was scheduled for September 2021. But even today, CryptoZoo basically does not exist.

As early as December 2022, there was no mention of the project on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel, which has over 23 million subscribers.

In each case, the ZOO token was already launched in July 2021had reached its price by nearly 0.5 mills in August of that year.

Then, already in October, ZOO lost all its valuewith only one increase to 0.25 mills in November 2021, the month of the all-time highs in the crypto market.

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