Major Sui Wallet integrates HeroSwap for cross-chain trading

Los Angeles, USA, June 26, 2023, Chainwire

Deso is pleased to announce that they have joined forces with the leading Sui Wallet, Ethos, to integrate HeroSwap, the instant anonymous cross-chain swap service for crypto. This partnership improves the user experience on Sui by providing developers, merchants and creators with an easy and efficient way to onboard the Sui blockchain while bringing more liquidity to the ecosystem.

Now Sui users can switch assets between Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeSo, Solana and more while using Ethos. This is a pivotal moment in crypto, paving the way for seamless crypto swapping between all major blockchains while allowing users to remain anonymous and maintain complete self-custody of their coins.

Most recently, Ethos secured seed funding of $4.2 million, with contributions from notable VC firms such as Boldstart Ventures and gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) and participation from Mysten Labs. Ethos was founded with a vision to transform the crypto wallet-to-wallet experience by co-founders Nadia Eldeib (CEO) and Jared Cosulich (CTO). Ethos aims to provide a user-friendly and secure wallet for storing crypto and discovering new apps, games and NFTs in the SUI ecosystem.

Despite the enormous potential of Layer-1 blockchains, liquidity fragmentation and isolation have presented significant challenges for developers and everyday users, limiting exposure to cross-chain marketplaces and liquidity onboarding. Ethos co-founder Nadia Eldeib recognizes blockchain’s potential to transform billions of lives, highlighting the need for a seamless UX for developers and consumers across platforms.

“The current web3 wallet experience is designed to store digital assets, but it has the potential to become so much more! At Ethos, our goal is to create a web3 gateway for SUI and the larger blockchain ecosystem, enabling everyday users to interact cross-chain as they discover new apps, games and NFTs in the SUI ecosystem.” – Co-founder of Ethos Nadia Eldeib.

This is where HeroSwap comes into play. Through the integration of HeroSwap, powered by DeSo’s Smart Services, the Ethos Wallet enables near-instant and anonymous cross-chain swaps while preserving the custody of your coins. This reduces the risk of unforeseen CEX blowouts where users’ assets are locked up or lost outright, as we’ve seen with FTX and countless others.

With HeroSwap, cross-chain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin and DeSo become instantly accessible to Sui users. They can now easily explore different layer-1 blockchains while using Ethos as a central web3 hub that securely maintains all of their crypto assets.

If Sui users want to avoid volatility, HeroSwap allows them to instantly switch to USDC or USDT. In addition, HeroSwap has frictionless zero login so users never have to share sensitive personal information with centralized intermediaries.

DeSo founder, Nader Al-Naji, believes that HeroSwap holds the key to consumer-facing crypto applications reaching billions of users, redefining interoperability and composability:

“HeroSwap unlocks the potential for consumer-facing crypto apps to reach billions of users. It redefines interoperability and composability for all crypto applications, and it integrates with any web3 app with just a single line of code. The added bonus is that all swaps are near instant and anonymous, allowing developers and users to reduce the risk of losing their assets through centralized exchange meltdowns, while preserving custody of their coins.

The integration of HeroSwap into the Ethos wallet is the second DeSo partnership in the Sui ecosystem. Teams that integrate HeroSwap into their crypto apps not only improve the user experience through easy onboarding, but also earn a percentage of every trade of the permissionless revenue sharing program. The integration process is simple, easy and only takes a few minutes.

Those interested in earning recurring affiliate income can go here, and potential partners interested in running a co-marketing campaign can get in touch DeSo directly.

The HeroSwap-Ethos partnership exemplifies DeSo’s commitment to creating an interoperable blockchain future by making it easy for aspiring founders to create viral, consumer-friendly crypto applications that reach billions of users.

About Deso

DeSo raises $200 million from leading investors such as Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures and more. It is a groundbreaking Layer-1 Blockchain with a mission to decentralize social media, just as Bitcoin and Ethereum have decentralized finance.

Recently, DeSo unveiled a series of breakthrough innovations. One is Revolution, their groundbreaking Proof-of-Stake mechanism, set to increase energy efficiency by 99% and position DeSo as one of the most deflationary layer-1s in all of crypto.

In addition, Deso has released four new app proposals, including Openfund 2.0, a DEX that works as seamlessly as centralized exchanges like Binance, enabling near-instantaneous and anonymous transactions while allowing users to hold their coins in trust.


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