New Blockchain Presale About To End – $FAI And The AI ​​Company Behind It That Wants To Lead An Agricultural Revolution

The $FAI presale is about to end. Join now!

The presale for the new cryptocurrency token $FAI is ending soon. $FAI is the native token for Farm AIan artificial intelligence (AI) focused technology company that aims to transform the agricultural industry.

Farm AI’s mission is to leverage its expertise in next-generation AI and blockchain technology to revolutionize the agricultural industry. Because agriculture is a very traditional industry, the company believes there is significant opportunity for significant resource and process optimization across the industry.


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Farm AI aims to use its AI-powered platform to help farmers improve efficiency while achieving key sustainability goals. The AI ​​provides in-depth data to help farmers with everything from diagnosing crop health and disease to determining the optimal use of fertilizers and pesticides.

The ecosystem is integrated with blockchain technology to provide a stable site where farmers can store and share their data. Now, with the launch of its native $FAI token, Farm AI adds the ability to make secure payments for AI-related services. The company believes this will drive industry collaboration and help farmers more quickly adopt the AI ​​technology that is transforming the industry.

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The way forward for farm AI within a growing market

The smart farm market, the agricultural segment dedicated to using modern technology to improve the sustainability and efficiency of agriculture, was worth $19.5 billion by 2022. It is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% over the next decade, and $53 billion by 2032. This growth is driven in part by the recent investment buzz around all AI technologies.

The release of ChatGPT in 2022 was the spark that ignited the latest round of market interest in investments in AI and AI-adjacent companies. Venture capitalists polled by PitchBook say AI will be the main driver of opportunities for innovation and growth in the coming year.

Interest in blockchain technology and development has also increased. It is estimated that up to 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) will be associated with blockchain technology by 2027. As the adoption rate increases, investors are likely to turn their attention to companies that have already demonstrated their credibility in AI and blockchain.

Farm AI believes it has demonstrated competence and growth potential in this area. The company has also created a clear roadmap that reveals the most direct path to success. It has already started with phase 1, which includes the $FAI presale and stealth launch. $FAI offers investors seeking exposure to agricultural AI and blockchain optimization a way to get involved in the evolution of agriculture.

Also as part of Phase 1, the company will also aggressively push for its listing on coin sites, as well as listings on CoinMarketCap, Coin Gecko, and CEX.IO. The Farm AI team, which has decades of combined experience in blockchain technology and software development, will also expand as part of Phase 1. The company will then focus on building a robust network of promotions and partnerships before moving to the next phases goes with phase 2 and 3.

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Learn more about the farming revolution and learn more about FarmAI.

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