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HONG KONG, July 5, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKXthe second largest crypto exchange by trading volume globally and a leading Web3 technology company, has released updates for the day of July 5, 2023.

OKX has teamed up with Pulsar to increase liquidity for users in Hong Kong

OKX works with Pulsar, a market maker, to increase liquidity for users in Hong Kong. The partnership demonstrates OKX’s commitment to standardize its virtual asset market by onboarding leading liquidity providers, in line with global best practices in traditional finance and regulatory requirements for Hong Kong virtual asset trading platform operators.

Through this partnership, Pulsar has been designated as the liquidity provider for OKX in Hong Kong. This further improves OKX’s market efficiency, giving users in Hong Kong access to more competitive prices and more liquidity in the order book. Founded in 2014, Pulsar has a strong global presence and relationship with over 60 exchanges across over 600 trading pairs.

OKX Global Chief Commercial Officer Lennix Lai said: “Leveraging Pulsar’s expertise in market formation will allow us to further enhance the stability of our platform by providing more competitive pricing and tighter bid-ask spreads for our users. This partnership also helps us further our virtual asset market. align with best practices from across the industry, as well as from traditional finance when it comes to ensuring liquid and fair markets Going forward, we are committed to improving the efficiency of our platform and providing a safe and accessible trading experience for our users.”

Pulsar CEO Jacky Chung said: “We are honored to partner with a leading exchange such as OKX, which shares our goal of providing a flexible and convenient trading experience that prioritizes competitive pricing. We look forward to working with OKX to drive future evolution and accelerate virtual asset adoption in Hong Kong.”

OKX announced in March that it had established a Hong Kong entity for its proposed license application under Hong Kong’s new VASP regulatory regime. In view of Hong Kong’s latest regulatory requirements regarding VASPs, OKX has launched an updated version app which allows Hong Kong users to buy, sell and hold 16 major cryptocurrencies. OKX will continue to roll out improvements to its app and explore the potential of launching additional features in the coming months to enrich and diversify the experience of Hong Kong users.

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About OKX

OKX is the second largest global crypto exchange by trading volume and a leading Web3 ecosystem. Trusted by over 50 million global users, OKX is known as the fastest and most reliable crypto trading app for traders everywhere.

As a top partner of English Premier League champions Manchester City FC, McLaren Formula 1, Olympian Scotty James and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, OKX aims to boost the fan experience with new engagement opportunities. OKX is also the top partner of the Tribeca Festival as part of an initiative to bring more makers to web3.

In addition to OKX’s exchange, the OKX wallet is the platform’s latest offering for people looking to explore the world of NFTs and the metaverse while trading GameFi and DeFi tokens.

OKX is committed to transparency and security and publishes its Proof of Reserves monthly.

For more information about OKX, download our app or visit: okx. com.

About Pulsar

Pulsar is a leading proprietary and algorithmic trading company specializing in cryptocurrency trading and market making. Founded in 2014 as an early adopter, it has established an extensive connection with over 60 CeFi and DeFi crypto exchanges worldwide and supports over 600 spot, futures and options trading pairs.

Combining advanced low-latency technologies, in-depth crypto market intelligence, and deep learning capabilities, Pulsar is committed to providing liquidity and increasing efficiency in global markets. To accelerate the growth of the digital asset and blockchain industry, it also provides venture capital and market insights to early stage infrastructure companies or projects.

For more information or to explore business partnership opportunities, visit pulsar.com or contact bd@pulsar.com.


This announcement is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide any investment, tax or legal advice, nor should it be considered an offer to buy, sell, hold or provide any services related to any digital asset. Digital assets, including stablecoins, carry a high risk, can fluctuate widely and can even become worthless. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding digital assets is right for you in light of your financial condition and risk tolerance. OKX does not recommend investments or assets. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and OKX is not responsible for any losses. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Consult your legal/tax/investment professional for questions about your specific circumstances.

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