Pacminer, the blockchain mining platform, unveils a three-year strategic blueprint, intended to cultivate robust progress in global market operations.



Denver, CO, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pacminer, an avant-garde mining company focused on cloud computing capabilities, mainstream cryptocurrency excavations and custom solution development, unveiled a decade-long strategic manifesto at a recent board meeting. The Pacminer platform aims to invest in 20 to 25 companies in Europe, the United States, North America and Africa within the next decade, fostering a new network of distributed frameworks. This strategic move is intended to support the steady global expansion of the mining platform.

Users are currently at the start of a new mining cycle, which means Bitcoin block rewards will be relatively constant over the next four years. The bustling activity on international blockchain platforms has attracted a lot of attention from traditional companies and institutional investors. The strong financial inflow from entities like Pacminer sends a positive signal. The choice to purchase mining rigs at this time anticipates a double appreciation of the value of both the equipment and the cryptocurrency

Pacminer, one of the world’s leading hashpower providers, is expanding a spectrum of cryptocurrency mining capabilities to different scales. It takes an inclusive approach, making mining easy and fast for anyone. Since its inception, it has maintained an unwavering commitment to superior quality and constant innovation, leveraging advanced technology to provide multi-algorithm, multi-cryptocurrency cloud mining services. By focusing on both hardware and software, it ensures the optimum performance of mining machines and provides miners with the most proficient mining services.

To achieve the maximum output at the lowest cost, Pacminer is also extending comprehensive, industry-wide solutions to its customer base. Renowned for free remote deployment facilitation and installation troubleshooting free of charge, its customized services have helped Pacminer achieve significant success and reputation in the global marketplace. It currently serves more than two million customers in more than a hundred countries and regions, with a trade volume of well over a hundred million.

Pacminer has gained worldwide trust and support through professional services, excellent reputation and credibility and is committed to creating the world’s largest blockchain cloud computing platform and mining farm. By reducing mining costs, increasing mining revenues and providing superior mining services to miners around the world, the implementation of the ten-year strategic plan and the execution of subsequent actions will increase Pacminer’s revenues, paving the way for the global deployment of its industrial chain.

Pacminer also plans to improve its eco-construction by creating a comprehensive layout for blockchain digital asset management services. By 2030, the platform is aiming for an annual revenue of USD 230 billion, serving every mining enthusiast with exceptional commitment and skill.

During the conference, Pacminer’s representative repeatedly emphasized the company’s primary commitment to market expansion in Ghana. This move is intended to strengthen the evolution of the mining pool domain and ensure that every new member of staff can earn sufficient income through their diligent efforts. Pacminer pledges to give each member fair and equitable treatment, enabling each to realize their dreams through personal dedication. The company’s ethos is based on principles of equality, justice, freedom and democracy. Pacminer embraces members from all walks of life, whether students, stay-at-home moms, lawyers, regular office workers, or high-income earners, who all find their place within Pacminer to bring about change in their lives through their hard work.

disclaimer: The information contained in this press release is not an invitation to invest and is not intended to constitute investment, financial or trading advice. It is strongly recommended that due diligence be exercised (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing in or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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