Profitable silver mining stock drills best interception in history | 05-07-2023 | Investing news

  • Avino (TSX:ASM), a profitable silver mining stock, has delivered the best interception in the company’s history from its Avino mine in Mexico
  • The borehole in question, ET 23-09, produced 296 AgEq g/t over 57 meters true width, including 407 AgEq g/t over 37 m true width, as well as 2,866 AgEq g/t over 3.43 m true width
  • The ongoing 8,000 m exploration program tests the continuity of the steeply declining mineralization of the Elena Tolosa area’
  • Avino is a silver producer from the wholly owned Avino Mine near Durango, Mexico
  • Avino Silver & Gold Mines (TSX:ASM) is down 1.08 percent, trading at $0.92 per share

Avino (TSX:ASM), a profitable silver mining stock, has delivered the best interception in the company’s history from its Avino mine in Mexico.

The result (ET 23-09) comes from three boreholes from below level 17, the deepest operations in the Elena Tolosa (ET) area of ​​the Avino system, confirming that mineralization continues to the west along strike at depth and that there is potential for high quality silver within the increasing coppers being drilled to depth.

The persistence of degree continuity from the surface down over a dive distance of more than 1,100 meters amid increasing copper species supports the possibility of a more deeply mineralized system and may be related to a porphyry center.

The property contains numerous low-sulphur epithermal veins (including the Avino vein), breccias, stockworks and silicified zones transitioning into a possible “near porphyry” environment in a large caldera environment. The direction of increasing coppers is steeply diving to the east in the Avino artery.

Vein-type mineralization and silver, gold, and copper stacking are present along contacts between intrusive rocks and an andesite. This provides opportunities in the ET area for additional mineral resources that open on strike and dip.

The ongoing 8,000 m2 exploration program tests the continuity of the property’s plummeting mineralization. Several world-renowned consulting geologists are on hand to provide insight into the mineralization’s characteristics.

Summary drilling results

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Source: Avino Silver & Gold Mines.

“We got out, at depth and along strike, with Hole ET-23-09 and were handsomely rewarded with the best borehole in the company’s 55-year history,” David Wolfin, president and CEO of Avino, said in a statement. press release. “The exceptionally broad and very high grades of silver, gold and copper are extremely encouraging for our continued exploration of the Avino Vein and its associated deep stock and breccia and suggest a much more complex mineralization system.

“We are still open along strike and at depth and we will continue to try to understand the source of the mineralization as we look for the source intrusive, porphyry or phreatomagmatic interface. The drill cutting widths are consistent with our understanding of the Avino vein and represent extractable areas to be considered for the future of the mine with slopes nearly five times the current cut-off grade.”

Avino is a profitable silver producer from its wholly owned Avino Mine near Durango, Mexico. The company manages NI 43-101 mineral resources of more than 368 million silver equivalent ounces.

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (ASM) is down 1.08 percent, trading at $0.92 a share as of 9:40 a.m. ET.

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