Sacrificing my Necro’s minions is the best thing I’ve ever done in Diablo 4

Since Diablo 4 launched, my Ghost charmer has been running through Sanctuary with a pack of scythe-wielding skeletons, icy mages, and a great iron golem. Having a pack of murderous undead at my back has made activities feel less terrifying. After all, one of the main reasons I chose to be a Necro – besides superior bone-based fashion – was so I could bring a little backup into dungeons while going solo.

There’s a great interplay between the Necro and their minions, allowing you to adapt and customize their role in the Book of the Dead through the Legendary Aspects you apply to your build. For example, the Viscous and Blood Getter’s aspects give you two extra warriors and mages – three if you whack either on an amulet – and the Coldbringer’s Aspect gives your cold mages the ability to summon a blizzard that freezes enemies.

There are even two Unique items who empower followers; the Ring of Medeln gives them a lucky shot at explosive attacks, while Deathspeaker’s Pendant casts a mini-Blood Surge around each one when you use that ability. I enjoyed building my minions alongside my character as I played the campaign and Nightmare world tier, but once I started doing Nightmare Dungeons and got to Torment, they started to feel like more of a hindrance than a blessing.

There are some minion-focused unique items (Image credit: Blizzard)

I realized how much they held me back when I traded my skeleton servants for a solo Shadow build, and I was able to jump right into tier 32 Nightmare Dungeons – 13 levels above my current one – where I previously struggled with tier 21 due to minions survivability. Ultimately, I think the problem is that minions require you to sacrifice way too much to make them viable.

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