Solana, Stacks (STX), Tradecurve are all the rage in the crypto community, how high can they go?

Solana is one of the coins hit by the SEC, resulting in a price drop to an attractive place for investors. Stacks is in an opposite position, approved by the SEC and benefiting from its status. Tradecurve is a decentralized trading platform that also tries to take advantage of current regulations.


Solana picks herself up and continues to develop

With the news of the SEC announcing Solana as a certainty, the price fell about 36% from pre-announcement levels of about $22 per coin to about $14. This seems to have encouraged traders to buy into the dip as the price is slow recovered to $17, with many traders suspecting it will continue to climb past $20.

Despite the regulatory issues, Solana tries to stay relevant by hosting and participating in several hackathons, competitions, and a social project in one of the world’s largest slums – Kiberia in Nigeria.

On June 17, Messari tweeted that Solana’s NFT activity is increasing and outperforming both Polygon and Ethereum, indicating that Solana is still the king of NFTs.


Stacks – Interesting use case, interesting status.

Stacks is the coin on the blockchain-based platform Blockstack. Stacks and Blockstack try to give people privacy by offering decentralized servers where people can upload and share their photos, videos, text files and more with family and friends. This is unlike now where most of the people use things like Whatsapp or Socials or FB Messenger to share their private photos and data.

In addition, in a landscape where more than 60 coins, including Solana, are now considered securities, Stacks’ parent company, Blockstack, has achieved a major milestone by becoming the first company authorized by the SEC to make a first public offer bitcoin-like tokens.

Prior to this approval, Stacks raised over $50 million through authorized token sales, exclusively to accredited investors. The IPO raised $23 million and received approval under Regulation A+ of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012, which facilitates capital generation for emerging companies with limited disclosure requirements. Stack’s success sets an example for other cryptocurrency and blockchain startups looking to raise money.


Tradecurve – decentralized and focused on privacy.

Whether you want to buy Solana or Stacks, the message is clear: privacy-focused solutions are needed in today’s regulatory environment. Tradecurve addresses this with its decentralized trading platform that seeks to offer the benefits of a CEX with the benefits of a DEX and a trading brokerage all in one place.

Since Tradecurve is based in St. Vincent and Kitts (where financial derivatives trading is allowed) and is a DeFi protocol, they can provide traders with a legal way to trade everything from forex, bonds, commodities, indices and crypto, without that KYC is required. .

The result is a privacy-based platform that respects the anonymity of its users and therefore opens the options for people who want to trade, regardless of their country or socio-economic situation.

Tradecurve can also help unbanked people and possibly people like the residents of Kibera by giving them a way to interact with the global financial world, especially when partnered with a ramp like the Strike app, which doesn’t require a bank account.

Tradecurve is in presale, aiming to raise $20 million so they can complete their platform with all its features.

At the time of writing, Phase 4 has sold over 36% bringing it closer to Phase 5, after which the price will rise from $0.018 to $0.025.

This means that investors are still very early as only the minimum launch price is $0.088 and the token is expected to reach one 100x once the token goes live and as the platform evolves.

Read more about Tradecurve and the TCRV token below:

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