The Altcoin Market Has Started Its Bull Run: 3 Altcoins With Huge Short-Term Benefits

The investors in the crypto market are always looking for the next big altcoin. It can be difficult to spot these, but if you pay close attention to the basics, you stand a good chance.

We list here 3 crypto tokens that might be the next great altcoin. They offer some of the most interesting use cases for investors, and investors are sure to be even more interested as they learn more about their presale. We tell you everything you need to know about yPredict, DeeLance and Ecoterra.

yPredict combines AI with Blockchain technology

yPredict is an Ethereum blockchain-based platform that uses decentralized technology to create a transparent and secure prediction marketplace. The platform operates through its own currency, the YPRED token.

The primary goal of yPredict is to provide users with a decentralized alternative to traditional prediction markets by leveraging the capabilities of smart contracts. Users can create and participate in prediction markets on a variety of topics, including finance, politics, and sports.

A notable feature of the platform is “Social Trading” which allows users to track and replicate the trades of the most successful traders on the platform.

Essentially, yPredict aims to democratize the prediction market industry by providing users with a transparent and decentralized platform for prediction trading.

The team has also made significant progress in their models. On June 15, the team will introduce their inaugural prediction model within the yPredict ecosystem. It’s worth exploring further to get a better understanding of how it can support you in making well-informed trades.

The ongoing presale of yPredict offers an opportunity for interested participants. At the current stage, the token is available at a price of $0.09 and the future listing price is expected to be $0.12. The presale in particular has already raised more than $2.3 million in funds. In the next pre-sale phase, the price will be increased to $0.1.

To ensure fair distribution, 80% of the total token supply has been allocated to the presale, with 50% of these tokens becoming accessible during the token generation event. It is important to highlight that these tokens will undergo a 6-week lock-in period followed by a 6-month vesting period, promoting fair and responsible release of the tokens.

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Freelancers can breathe easy with DeeLance

DeeLance firmly believes in the transformative power of blockchain technology to revolutionize existing freelance platforms and usher them into the era of Web3. Those with freelance experience are quick to recognize that this new platform outperforms current market offerings, highlighting the importance of understanding the limitations of existing platforms.

The accompanying image showcases the extensive capabilities of DeeLance’s comprehensive platform, providing users with essential tools to thrive in their freelance careers.

DeeLance confidently claims that their Web3 solution effectively addresses the challenges freelancers face, offering a new generation of platforms that eliminate middlemen and centralized companies.

A standout feature of DeeLance’s platform is its unwavering commitment to transparency. This is achieved through an automated dispute resolution system that stores all buyer and seller reputation data on the blockchain. The immutability and verifiability of this data promotes trust and accountability between parties. In addition, the platform offers a secure escrow service to ensure timely payment for freelancers, keeping employers’ funds safe until work is completed to original specifications.

DeeLance takes a user-friendly approach by streamlining the model and eliminating unnecessary third-party plugins or apps. Users can effortlessly post or apply for jobs in under a minute, in keeping with the speed and efficiency that blockchain technology is known for.

In addition, the platform facilitates fast cryptocurrency payments and offers low rates through its peer-to-peer structure, enabling freelancers to charge lower rates by connecting directly with employers. Unlike platforms like UpWork and Fiverr, which charge 20% commission, DeeLance only charges a lower 10% commission to freelancers.

DLANCE, a token built on the Ethereum blockchain, has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and serves several purposes within the DeeLance platform. It can be used for service payments, accessing additional features, buying virtual offices in the metaverse, buying and selling NFTs, and acquiring advertising services. To ensure investor safety, the token has undergone an extensive security audit conducted by SOLIDPof, a reputable security firm. In addition, the DeeLance team has been verified by Coinsult.

It is important to emphasize that the DeeLance pre-sale follows a tiered pricing strategy, where the cost of the DLANCE token increases with each subsequent stage of the pre-sale. Currently, the DLANCE token costs $0.038. In the next stage, the price rises to $0.043. Consequently, early-stage pre-sale investors have a greater potential for higher returns compared to those who invest later.

In addition, the DeeLance team has announced their intention to list the DLANCE token on high-tier exchanges at a price of $0.057, presenting a significant opportunity for substantial returns for early presale investors.

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Ecoterra helps the planet

Ecoterra presents a blockchain-based platform that addresses the pressing issue of climate change by encouraging active involvement in recycling efforts for both individuals and businesses. At its core, Ecoterra’s mission is to promote environmental education initiatives and encourage recycling through the Recycle2Earn program, which rewards participants with Ecoterra tokens. These tokens have the potential to increase in value and can be leveraged to generate passive dividends from Ecoterra’s revenue streams.

The benefits of Ecoterra extend beyond individual users, as it also benefits companies involved in the production of recyclable material and recycling companies themselves. By motivating environmentally conscious consumers to dispose of recyclable packaging responsibly, recycling companies can efficiently collect and transport these materials to nearby centers for recycling processes, converting them into valuable raw materials.

Ecoterra’s primary goal is to promote collaboration between recycling companies and product companies, promoting a circular product life cycle. To achieve this, the platform aims to create a shared marketplace where recycling companies can sell their raw materials, while product companies can buy them to create new sustainable products.

Within the Ecoterra ecosystem, the Recycle2Earn app plays a vital role by capturing and documenting user actions related to environmental conservation, which are then included in their profiles. Likewise, companies have access to “impact trackable profiles” that allow them to obtain impact packs containing different types of material from users. This innovative approach enables companies to reduce the negative environmental impact of their production processes, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

Ecoterra introduces two notable features: the carbon offsetting marketplace and the recycled materials marketplace. Through the carbon offset marketplace, both users and businesses can use Ecoterra tokens to offset their carbon emissions. This support enables them to contribute to globally recognized and verified projects, converting the amount of carbon offsetting into tangible achievements that can be represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On the other hand, the recycled materials marketplace serves as a platform for businesses to connect with recyclers, explore recycled materials, and engage in relevant transactions.

The team also previewed their upcoming mobile app, which will launch in the near future. The app will include typical functionalities found in mobile applications, with the added feature of item scanning.

To make transactions on the marketplace go smoothly, Ecoterra offers multiple payment options for businesses. They have the flexibility to use fiat currencies, stablecoins like USDT or Bitcoin or Ecoterra tokens. Choosing Ecoterra tokens brings potential benefits such as lower transaction fees and staking capabilities, further motivating companies to adopt the use of Ecoterra tokens.

Ecoterra has attracted a lot of attention and achieved an impressive milestone by raising more than $5 million, demonstrating its commendable mission and vision. Currently, each ECOTERRA token costs $0.00925, and investors have the freedom to acquire tokens using ETH, USDT or a card. The total supply of ECOTERRA tokens is 2 billion and they are expected to be listed at $0.01.

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yPredict, DeeLance, and Ecoterra tokens offer unique and varied use cases, catering to different aspects of the current market landscape. From artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability, the crypto market is showing its adaptability to meet diverse demands.

If any of these projects pique your interest, we invite you to delve into their presales and actively participate in their social channels. Both initiatives show significant potential, and early participation can bring significant benefits.

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