The problem with Diablo 4’s endgame is that it’s already happened by the time you hit max level

I’m only level 65, but I’m ready to quit Diablo 4 until the first season arrives later this month: I’ve had enough of the endgame grind, even though I’m not even close to the game’s level cap. No one is forcing me to play, I know, but it feels strange to let the most fun part of an ARPG play itself out before you hit max level – what’s left to look forward to?

If this were Diablo 3 I wouldn’t think twice about quitting now because I’m at the exact same point I’d be progressive if I was level 70 with a few hundred paragon levels under my belt: I’ve got the gear I need for the build I want so now it’s just a matter of getting stat upgrades from higher power level pieces or a lucky unique drop – basically fine tuning what I already have for extra increase or mitigation damage . But those new to Diablo or ARPGs may be knocked out when they finally reach level 100 and realize that aside from an admittedly difficult repeated boss fight, the endgame things have already happened.

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