Tradecurve, Cardano and Cosmos are signaling a bull run ahead according to ChatGPT

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, it is natural for individuals to look forward to insights in addition to price predictions for what cryptocurrencies can do better than the rest.

This has caused many to turn to using AI-driven tools like ChatGPT to determine which cryptocurrencies can have a performance edge during the year. We decided to do the same and asked the AI ​​about the future of Tradecurve, Cardano and Cosmos.

According to ChatGPT, Cardano is signaling a bullish run

According to ChatGPT, there are many factors that could contribute to Cardano’s growth in 2023 and beyond. Some of the most notable reasons for the growth include:

  • More and more companies are accepting Cardano as a payment option
  • More people are buying ADA as an investment
  • Positive coverage of the Cardano ecosystem
  • Developments in the Cardano network

As a result, there are estimates that some analysts think Cardano could hit $1, while others predict it could hit $5 or even $10 if market conditions work in its favor.

Cosmos is trading at $0.289102. The low for Cardano was $0.255026, while the high was $0.302613 in the past seven days alone. In addition, the total price increase over the past seven days was 10.9%, indicating bullish momentum.


ChatGPT’s Green Outlook for Cosmos

Subsequently, the ChatGPT AI noted how Cosmos is designed to be a more scalable and interoperable way to build blockchains, and this could allow it to reach new heights in 2023.

The main reasons why Cosmos can grow in value, according to ChatGPT, are as follows:

  • Increased adoption by businesses and consumers
  • The performance of the broader crypto market
  • Consistent evolution and development of new features for Cosmos
  • Increase demand for the ATOM cryptocurrency

Next, ChatGPT noted how some analysts think the cryptocurrency was trading between $20 and $30 by the end of the year, fueled by the current market momentum.

As for the current value of the Cosmos cryptocurrency, as of June 26, 2023, Cosmos is trading at $9.43. Last week, Cosmos lowed at $8.30 while the high was at $9.69. In the past seven days, the overall price increase of Cosmos was 10.7% and the cryptocurrency is currently in the green zone.


Why ChatGPT thinks Tradecurve can rise 100x at launch

In addition to asking ChatGPT about the future of Cardano and Cosmos, we also asked why it thinks Tradecurve, an emerging hybrid exchange, has the potential to rise 100x at launch.

ChatGPT noted that there are several factors that can contribute to value growth, including:

  • Tradecurve offers high leverage starting at 500:1, negative balance protection, VIP account system and implements Proof of Reserves (PoR)
  • The exchange allows complete anonymity and self-preservation as users do not have to go through a KYC signup process
  • The TCRV presale is selling out at a rapid pace and the team has already raised $2.8 million during the first few phases.
  • TCRV is up 80% in value since the start of the pre-sale period, indicating a bullish pattern

As of June 26, 2023, TCRV is trading at $0.018 during Phase 4 of the presale. In Phase 5, a price increase of 40% is expected as TCRV will rise to $0.025. More than 36,949,440 TCRV tokens have already been sold and the team estimates they can raise $20 million during the presale, while also bringing in 100,000 users during the first three months of operation.

As of June 2023, there are already 12,500 users on board, indicating that interest is high. As a result, investors and traders won’t want to miss out on TCRV before it explodes in value, according to ChatGPT.

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