Tradecurve price up 40%, helium price uncertain

The global adoption of cryptocurrency has started to increase rapidly, and as a result, the market has moved in a turbulent and upward direction. Some cryptocurrencies saw gains while others fell, and investors began doing price analysis to see what kind of future each altcoin could have.

Based on the analysis, Tradecurve has seen an increase in value, indicating growing appeal and attention to the project, while the price of Helium has been volatile, leading to uncertainty. Join us as we dive into each project individually to see how far they can climb.

Helium (HNT) Price uncertain

Helium announced the Chicago Networking Social event, where anyone can enter the Internet of Things (IoT) world alongside other Helium enthusiasts on June 29, 2023. In addition, the team gave the community a 30-day notice that the HIP 69 proposal was coming to an end. This was a proposal that reduced all costs associated with reconfirming the location of the IoT network by 50% over three months, from migration day, since implementation.

Looking at the value of Helium cryptocurrency, on June 28, 2023, it traded at $1.19. In the past week, the low for Helium was $1.19 while the high was $1.30.

However, in the past 24 hours, Helium saw a 3.1% drop in value and the overall drop was 5.8% over the past week. In addition, the overall decline behind Helium over the past 30 days was 15.7%, indicating that the future is uncertain and worries investors.

Trade curve (TCRV) up 40%

While Helium failed to impress with its recent momentum, another project did, but Tradecurve rose 20% in value over the past week. Within today’s online trading space, only a few exchanges allow cryptocurrencies to be traded alongside other exchange-traded assets from a single account, and even when they do, there are typically high commission fees that can take away traders’ profits.

Some of the main selling points of this hybrid exchange are its focus on privacy, anonymity, and transparency. By not implementing KYC checks at sign-up, Tradecurve has the potential to become a favorite among the millions of investors worldwide who are privacy conscious individuals.

In addition, the platform is also introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) and Proof of Reserves (PoR) to assure investors that it always has enough to cover user balances. Other features include high leverage starting at 500; 1, negative balance protection, a special trading academy, a VIP account system and more.

Users are also not required to use FIAT currencies as they can simply create an account, deposit crypto and then use that crypto as collateral when trading. At the heart of it all is the native token, TCRV. The token is undergoing phase 4 of its pre-sale where it trades at a value of $0.018. With every purchase of TCRV, users also get a 50% bonus, which is valid until July 3, 2023.

The team has already raised $2.8 million and more than 12,500 people have signed up to use it. The team estimates they can raise $20 million during the pre-sale phase and onboard 100,000 users during the first three months of operation. In Phase 5, TCRV will rise to $0.025, up 40%, and analysts believe that based on this momentum, the value will rise 100x at launch.

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