What are the best cryptocurrencies to trade in 2023?

If the cryptocurrency market of 2022 was characterized by the continued decline and depreciation of assets, the first half of this year witnessed a steady, but ultimately clear, recovery.

For example, if you look at the price of Bitcoin (BTC), you can see that a single token was worth only $13,919.52 on December 23, 2022. However, it has risen to $23,682.47 at the time of writing, representing almost 50%. increase in just six months.

The crypto market cap has also moved back above the one trillion mark at $1.17 trillion, with the value of first, second and third generation assets continuing their recovery through the remainder of 2023 and beyond.

However, you still need to be careful when trading crypto assets in 2023, so here are some tips to keep in mind and a look at the best tokens to invest in.

How to trade crypto securely

Before we take a closer look at three of the best and most tradable crypto assets, let’s take a look at how you can safely (and effectively) invest in and exchange tokens in the current climate:

  • Research exchanges before buying crypto: The online realm is full of crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade tokens, but not all of them are created equal. So you should use independent platforms to compare exchanges based on key metrics so that you end up on a safe, reputable and highly accessible site. This is also an excellent way to identify the cheapest crypto exchange, without compromising on security or value.
  • Also pay attention to individual tokens: In addition to finding the safest crypto exchange with the lowest fees, you should research the individual tokens you want to invest in. This includes their price history and the broader purpose behind the token’s blockchain, as this can add value and support more consistent pricing. . We also recommend reading the crypto’s white paper, which can provide a telling insight into its premise and sustainability.
  • Use a secure wallet to store your crypto wallet: Believe it or not, there are many different types of crypto wallets available, including physical, hard wallets (which often resemble USB sticks) to so-called “soft”, digital alternatives. The former are recommended when holding large amounts of crypto as part of a buy-and-hold strategy, while you should consider using an online wallet in cases where you take a speculative approach and want to trade or sell tokens on a regular basis .

OK, so what are the best crypto tokens to trade in 2023?

Now we are going to take a closer look at the best crypto tokens for trading in 2023. We’ve highlighted three of them below: while wondering what sets them apart in today’s market!

#1. Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC remains the world’s largest first-generation token by market capitalization and the flagship of the crypto marketplace, despite the 2022 bear run and tendency for volatile price shifts.

One of the main reasons for this is the wide range of uses that accept BTC, as this adds tangible value that can support the asset in harsh climates. Likewise, BTC’s widespread accessibility and usage makes it the most liquid crypto token, meaning it’s relatively easy to buy and sell in real time.

2023 does not offer any exception to this rule, as BTC is likely to be extremely popular given its relatively low live market value and potential price cap. Certainly, it will continue to drive demand and trading volumes through 2023, while volatility levels should remain low compared to the broader market.

#2. Decentralized (MANA)

Next up is a third-generation crypto, and one that has followed the modern trend of building layers of functionality and interactivity into its blockchain infrastructure.

In this case, Decentraland has evolved into a leading metaverse ecosystem, itself built on the long-established Ethereum blockchain. The MANA ecosystem allows you to interact with others as a user while providing access to a diversity of games (including iGaming pastime).

You can even invest in virtual plots using the MANA token, opening up a new and fascinating investment angle that is not commonplace in the market.

MANA tokens are also currently significantly undervalued, with a price of $0.3728, less than half of the asset’s peak valuation. Investing in MANA therefore has a significant advantage, especially as the market recovers in 2023.

#3. Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

So-called “meme” coins remain all the rage in the crypto space, with the Wall Street Memes ($WSM) token arguably the market leader in this regard.

Make no mistake; this accessible token is one of the best performing meme cryptocurrencies in 2023, while also performing well against more established assets in the market.

$WSM tokens certainly offer a great way to diversify your existing crypto portfolio, while also being actively backed by an active community of users and an intriguing old NFT project.

These factors only add to the asset’s strength and appeal, and are unlikely to change in 2023.

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